Autism Gluten Free Casein Free Diet

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My son on day 3 of the GFCF diet. He turned 2 the end of August and was diagnosed in November. I’m not ready to make any big conclusions yet, but today was good.

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  1. jorgeatsillymonkey

    hi dayonthebeach.. i? am worried that my son (16mo) is autistic and wondering if i should consider gfcf. he doesn’t seem to have any digestive problem. his poop always has a good consistency and enjoys different types of food (fruit, veggie, milk, cheese, rice). i am wondering if your son Nathan had signs of food allergies or other GI related issues before you decided to put him on gfcf. thanks!!

  2. lachikibaby03

    wonderful..great job nathan..i do that with my son too, and get so? excited..

  3. crzyfamily

    Wow! He? did great!

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