Autism/Asperger Gluten free diet update

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As per request, a brief update on the gfcf diet. Excuse the random appreance, this video was shot early in the morning

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  1. achcharuwa

    hey hey! Have you ever tried? cleverous 402 diet (just google it)? Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy lost tons of weight with it.

  2. EZGlutenFree

    Thanks for posting? this.

  3. supermilkmama1

    Glad to hear of? your recovery. Have you heard of The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates? It is amazing in helping recover the body from auto-immune disorders. It is the next step up from your diet. It has helped my family tremendously recover from candida, eczema, in process of reversing vitiligo, removed warts, helps the nervous system. Best of luck to you. Ester

  4. 5tonyvvvv

    Gluten and dairy is POISON!!!..we are all miserable? and sick because of it!! kids have ADD and autism from? it, and the food industry just wants us to consume more and more!!, and most doctors just want us to live off of pharmaceutical drugs that cure nothing!!

  5. atomkaht

    wow….look at your facial expressions? compared to your last videos! I hope you’re still doing the GFCF diet…

  6. HybridPineapple

    Yeah it’s not? that safe, but there are many other ways to remove mercury from the brain.

  7. BumsenDK

    Chelation should not? be undertaken lightly. It has no effect on autistic people.

    I dont have mercury in my brain.

    People have died from chelation.

  8. HybridPineapple

    How? would removing mercury from your brain kill you?!?

  9. bmwguy21

    Oral chelation hasn’t killed anybody & they gave the people the wrong kind? of EDTA that pulled to much calcium out. Pharmaceuticals kill millions. I am talking about oral DMSA & or oral EDTA. Chelation has helped many & the research in the USA Isn’t invalid …. Before you go saying something is scientifically invalid you need to spell it right & know what you are talking about.

  10. BumsenDK


  11. vb98

    What’s up BumsenDK are you still on this diet ??

  12. raiderw

    And go and see Sean Croxton at Underground Wellness here on You Tube. These are two? starting points to reaching better health – guaranteed.

  13. raiderw

    Go to Livin La Vida Low Carb by Jimmy Moore. Listen to the experts? and learn about how we have been lead down the wrong path. Wheat and grains are not a natural part of the human diet and that is scienctific fact. Thus this chap is feeling better because he is geting off the metabolic roller coaster. Simple science, biochemistry 101 and medical fact, not medical belief.

  14. BumsenDK

    This is scientificly invalid.

    Just like the heavy metal? removal you speak of. that even kills people.

  15. jbrandismith

    I wanted to ask you how long have you been on the diet and did you have depression, too I have had depression and have had stomach problems…I think it is? celiac disease but anyway should i try it?

  16. swifton1

    I gotta tell you this gluten? free diet has changed my world! I was crippled for 20 years from this shit the doctors called ibs and the meds never ever worked I was sick everyday with my stomach I was tired I was having panic attacks and its helped me out 1000% fuck meds try this diet

  17. Skymaker69

    Hi, thanks for sharing- that great. I have a child with autism and a daughter NT too. We are all on the GF/CF diet and this is helping all of us, no doubt, and in different ways. The way it helps me is with attention, emotional evenness and multi tasks, even though I did not know I could actually do better than I did. But I could. My daughter, is much better with her gut function and was better emotionally and socially? though now with puberty things are up and down. My son needs it.

  18. wex5

    hi phonehead, will u add? me as a friend? i also have asperger or autism. my shrink isnt sure what to say. atleat im more like autistic than an asperger so would u be nice add me as your friend on youtube and than i mean “friend” like internet friend. PS: u look alittle skinny. just skin and bones? ones again add me or………….(piip)

  19. TruthsJustice

    Soy is actually NOT good for the human organism at all.. hmm, you can find the supporting findings? by going to Mercola*com and search on Soy

  20. TruthsJustice

    I’m gluten intolerant as heck, yet due to circumstances (financially) I ate some high gluten containing food this day, and afterwards I began to get pain in my back, the itchy skin returned, reddening, headache and pain in my whole bowel area… and last but not least I feel exhausted! Thnx gluten? lol

    Anyway, gluten also interferes with the nerves in the brain! Going gluten free is therefor always good for your brain.

    Going gluten free also increases nutrient absorption from food.

  21. solanads

    Thank you for the videos. My daughter is 4 and on the? spectrum and is unable to communicate meaningfully, and has been on this diet for over 3 months. We can only see improvements externally so this is a good view point. Good Luck.

  22. stochastic42

    Thanks for? the videos, Congratulations.

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