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Brandi’s Next Food Network Star entry video. Everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed! Update, August 5 – I made the top 15!!! Thank you, everyone, for your support. I hear you, though! Gluten free living is about so much more than salad. Unfortunately, that’s often the best I can do at work. Here is a link to some gluten free recipes I’d contribute to the Food Network for starters … Tomorrow night, I’m making gf pizza bites with blue cheese sauce and dried figs. Yum! Maybe I’ll have a new video on this page soon. I hope you’ll give me your vote so we can talk about allergy-free cooking on the Food Network. PS – Keep it clean. My grandma reads this page! Update August 12 – Keep the votes coming!! I got an e-mail on Tuesday from the Food Network confirming that the highest number of votes will choose the winner. You can vote over and over and over again (so I’m not sure how that’s fair, but we’ll see … ), so, please do!!! My blue cheese and fig pizza was delish. Video coming soon … we lost power in NoVa the day I was making it, so a little bit of technical difficulties to overcome. I never said I was an editor. Just the on-camera personality 🙂 Thanks for your continued support.

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  1. tdsmarine12

    how about suck my? fucking dick

  2. creativesoulfly

    Do not mind any negative comments, it’s not personal. Do what you do 😉 you’re doing a great job!? Love and respect!

  3. LemonGlitz5

    My best friend has celiac disease as well, I really hope you win or get a chance to share your recepies because there are a lot of people? out there who are at a loss of what to eat without getting gluton in their systems! I applaude you!

  4. josh3636

    this girl? should not win the challenge this is not tasty food its a plan salad that anyone can do this challenge is for unique and talented cooks not some soccer mom thats trying to be famous

  5. vincentnator

    Diagnose with? what?

  6. Jealkeja

    Nice in front of the camera, but why did you preface the video with “Good Food Without Limits” when the entire premise of your video/show is cooking with limits?
    Also, all you did was chop up vegetables into a salad. And? not even properly.

  7. halfcabfullforce

    i want to see your sources of gluten being useful positively in the body at all.
    the food pyramid shows grains. our bodies are naturally insulin-producing and gluten actually produces estrogen. which is why fat men have such? big boobies.

  8. VictoriousPrime

    u like that? i think im i? love… lol (if ur a girl of course)

  9. eatingperson

    Sorry, too WASPy.?

  10. CeruleanxSins

    I like you as a personality for TV. I don’t like that all you did was chop vegetables? and put them in a bowl. my 10 year old nephew can do that. it’s not impressive.
    if you had JUST added a bit more depth to the dish you’d have won SO many more people over. it’s sad, ’cause you totally have that star quality, which so MANY of the contestants- no matter how complex their dishes are- do not have. I’m voting thumbs up but I’m seriously hoping you provide more substance than chopped vegetables.

  11. wreckstack

    that looks wonderful….i? think that would go great with a double quarter pounder with cheese

  12. cpod1231

    Brandi has a great presence on camera and can cook/chop while telling a story – without losing a finger. She seems to know a lot about gluten-free foods and how a busy professional can prepare healthy meals, both for herself and her family. The FoodNetwork could definitely use a show focusing on a? gluten-free lifestyle. There are so many people who can’t eat gluten, who would tune into this!

  13. arcturustwo

    I don’t know? why I clicked this, I hate veggies and would never eat this stuff, buy this nice lady is awesome at presentation, knowledge, and just an overall sense of ease in front of the camera. Idk what she is trying to win but give it to her.. Btw if u were my mom I’d be sad, I love eating out of boxes 😀

  14. Saskdyhgfoliquyewgr9

    Hey I have? celiac disease thank you for posting this!

  15. bld177

    Hey everyone – be sure to “like” the? video, in addition to voting! Upper left above comment field …

  16. DLD1950

    Finally there is someone listening to us GF eaters! Your salad sounds like a
    great change to my endless lettuce, tomato? and cucumber dish. Sometimes
    we all need a bit of a jog to come up with new ideas and, Brandi, you just did
    it for me. Many thanks. I can’t wait to watch you on the Food Chanel.

  17. dbailey1able

    She is a natural in front of the camera! Also, clearly knowledgeable about food content & value. I happen to be celiac. After seeing this video, I have been bringing her salad to work for lunch – a very welcome change from the typically boring lettuce, tomato, & cuke. This proves wholesome & gluten free need not be high maintenance. ? She organically grows her own — nice touch!! I would love to see other recipes from her.

  18. dbailey1able

    She is a natural in front of the camera!! Also, clearly very knowledgeable about food content and value. I happen to be celiac. After seeing this video, I have been bringing her salad to work for lunch — a very welcome change from the typically boring lettuce, tomato and cuke.? This proves wholesome & gluten free need not be high maintenance. She organically grows her own – nice touch! I would love to see other recipes from her.

  19. fosterbk

    Great video–she’s showing how easy it is to fight the sandwich for lunch norm at work, but she mentions? that she would do something more complicated like a tart or pasta at home. Great presence and a lot of food knowledge. Think she’s perfect for the Food Network.

  20. braindamage692

    I hate? her life. She acts like the wife from the movie “American Beauty”

  21. switake

    in the beginning she said that, doing a job like her, you don’t have alot? of time to get of your desk, but she does have time to make yourself a tasteless salad with nothing in it

  22. slh8844

    actually gluten is not good for? you. Certain grains are good like quinoa, not gluten. People without celiac disease can tolerate it but we can also eat chocolate and fatty foods, doesnt mean its good. Also, the food pyramid is complete crap. It was made by the usda and no scientific research was done.

  23. tinfoilluvr

    Gluten isn’t bad for you if you don’t have Celiac Disease. It’s actually very healthy. The food that they put it in isn’t always healthy though, like cookies and cake. But when put into the right foods,? like bread and other things of that sort, it is very healthy and should be eaten more than vegetables. Look at a food pyramid, almost everything on the bottom row is made up of gluten.

  24. tinfoilluvr

    When I saw the title Brandi The Gluten Free Guru, i was hoping that the video would? actually be something useful. You were more focused on the food being organic than gluten free. Not only that, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a gluten free salad. The first salad that you showed would have been perfectly fine if there weren’t croutons in it. You showed absolutely no cooking skills at all and this video was nowhere near as helpful as you made it sound.

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