Can a Gluten Free Diet Cure Type 1 Diabetes?

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Research shows how a child’s type 1 diabetes was cured with only a gluten-free diet – insulin was never needed. Learn the implications this has from a doctor and author.

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  1. type1diabetesaware

    Anyone can be diagnosed with? type 1 diabetes, not just children.

  2. type1diabetesaware

    No a gluten free diet can not cure type 1 diabetes. If this? study shows a gluten free diet prolongs the honeymoon phase, then it prolongs the honeymoon phase but it does not cure type 1 diabetes.

  3. Abby Drobinski

    Thanks? for the response!

  4. healthnowmedical

    Good question Abby and it’s hard to know. Based on clinical experience I feel that the sooner a root cause stressor is removed from the system (e.g. gluten) the more likely a reversal of autoimmune disease can potentially occur.
    Hopefully the researchers will continue to follow this young man but I think the take-away is to try a gluten-free diet on all type I diabetics and see if benefit occurs.

    Dr? Vikki

  5. Abby Drobinski

    I’m curious if after? 2 years, he is still in the honeymoon phase.

  6. healthnowmedical

    Please keep me updated as to what you find. It would be? interesting to see if your daughter would do better if some of the secondary effects associated with gluten were addressed. Does she have the genes for celiac or gluten intolerance?

    Dr Vikki

  7. mayknmusic

    My daughter is still on a gluten free diet since she was diagnosed with Type 1. She honeymooned for a year and now is back on insulin. I do know a handful of people (including one in Europe) who have children who have been off of insulin for 2-3 years. Two were pre diabetic and now test negative for antibodies as well. The family with the two children actually went on the Ph Miracle diet and altered it a bit…but? it helped. The one in Europe is going to be sending me some research.

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