Coeliac Trunk – Arterial Supply to the Foregut

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  1. 9393honey

    thankyou loved this vid helped me aloottt? 😀

  2. Wallace Cheng

    I love your video? very much!! This is the best anat. explanation I have ever seen. Bravo!!

  3. mmjens07

    Similar videos for superior and inferior mesenteric arteries would be helpful? in the future. I love your videos, thanks for helping!! I’ll keep recommending you to friends!

  4. retsfc

    the best? explanation i’ve seen yet!!

  5. xPrincessMegx

    AMAZING HELP! Keep posting videos!!!!!!!! Thanks ?

  6. 0408anish

    tks alot bcaz i was searching 4? a video like tis and i finally got it 🙂

  7. Adesoladaray

    do you have more? anatomy videos?

  8. Adesoladaray


  9. pawan001k

    thank you : )?

  10. gininho9

    thank u so much dr.! im studying medicine!? and this is extremely extraordinary.. ill let u know how well i do tmrw for my exam! thankssssssssssssssssssss for publishing this! is really appreciatted..

    from aruba!

  11. Lindsey Michelle

    Awesome? job! Thanks

  12. raru9086

    very well portrayed !! gets embedded in the brain? in the 1st watch!!!

  13. xoxocamilla

    very? helpful, thank you!

  14. lovecrazy55

    very much? helpful, tq

  15. aloshaz

    well done, thx for posting

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