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Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful new years 🙂 Here is one of my all time favourite recipes for raw/ gluten free sweet onion bread. This will be the best bread you have ever tasted!! :)…

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    I agree with you, it is yum yum yummers!!! I have been making this for a
    while now, and I was curious whether it would work without so much oil, so
    I decided to omit it completely, and it still tastes amazing. I also use
    coconut aminos, and I used to add nutritional yeast sometimes, until I
    found out the bad news that the folic acid(not the same as folate) in it
    promotes cancer=(((. I am so sad, because I loved it so much=,(. I love
    your videos=).?

  2. HealthyGroceryGirl

    Yum!! Loving your channel and videos 🙂 ?

  3. houndjog

    I only had red onions – so I was scared it might be too hot! I tried 1
    large red onion 1/2 a medium zucchini as the wet bit and 1/2 C ground
    flax seed, 1/2 C ground sunflower seeds mixed together with 1 Tbsp ground
    cumin, 1 Tbsp coconut amino’s & 1/2 tsp salt. It made 1 tray for the
    dehydrator and now I’m drying it at 125 F. I sure hope it turns out good!?

  4. Christian Vegan Kitten

    Yippee! I followed your instructions and the outcome is an amazing onion
    bread! Yum!!!
    Thanks for another great recipe video – looking for some more to come 🙂
    Katie x?

  5. Shameless Maya

    yummy in my tummy!?

  6. Anne Sofie Hoel

    What’s your e-mail lovely +holistichabits I would like to do a (written)
    interview with you, for my new vegan blog/website if you could be
    interested? You are a big big inspiration. I work in a 100% raw organic
    vegan restaurant here in Australia, heading back to Europe soon. ?

  7. KittyKat2818

    Hey.. So happy that you actually made a New Video.. Was having a hard time
    waiting for it .. :*?

  8. Karlie Robinson

    More videos! More videos! I love your recipes, holistic tips, and anything
    about beauty. You should do a pantry/snack tour or a house tour! You are so
    pleasant to watch and I love your video setup. Keep em coming. I get super
    excited when I see you’ve posted a new video.?

  9. yarrow90

    i’ll be glad seeing more vids like this. could you make one also about self
    esteem and confidence??

  10. LivingLifeAsaNYCgirl

    This looks amazing, can’t wait to get it in my belly lol..Subscribed
    #ShamelessMaya sent me here and I’m glad she did?

  11. Idit Cohen

    LOVE ALL YOUR VIDS, i am so happy i found you ! love ! 🙂 I knew you’re
    doing yoga on the first look :)?

  12. Sophia Scaccia

    I am totally trying this! It looks delicious!?

  13. SunKissAlba

    looks super duper yummy! I need to get that dehydrator at once!!!?

  14. ireallyloveviola

    where did you get your dehydrator? There are a lot out there I don’t know
    which one to choose…?

  15. maria isabel

    Sarah! I love you and your videos! ?

  16. MzellSarahBeaute

    YumYum <3?

  17. harmonyofbeauty

    Thank u so much for sharing this recepie?

  18. Kate Berlin

    Your recipes are amazing. My mother is diabetic and takes no medication for
    it, but handles it completely through diet. This and the brussels sprout
    chips (minus the maple syrup) are her new favorites.
    Do you recommend any cook books? These dishes are really working for her.
    so THANK YOU, again! :)?

  19. Erika Teran

    OMG!!!, looks so delicious!!!?

  20. Laura Oliver

    I’m a dietitian, and I LOVE your videos. Keep in up :)?

  21. Indira Ghandi

    miam miam….merci?

  22. multirawfood

    sounds great can’t wait to try it you are awesome. what do you use on
    your hair??

  23. Hilarious Life

    I would really like to know the product you are washing your hair with. And
    also: are you vegan?
    Thanks for sharing all thus great videos! We all love you too :)))?

  24. Agia Napa

    Please do some DIY Face Masks! :)) ?

  25. Asulla

    looks yummy! i don’t have a dehydrator.. can i cook it in my oven??

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