Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

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Whats up butter cups? Here is the gluten free chicken nugget video you lovelies asked for. You can find the recipe here Tweet at me http Tumble like tumbleweeds to Face it on Facebook Have a glam day!! XOXO Music Provided By

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  1. glamwithoutgluten

    I cant wait for you to try them. They are the cats meow? 🙂

  2. AshReed17

    I cant wait, (like i told you yesterday) to make these!!!!? 🙂

  3. glamwithoutgluten

    They do look like chick fil a nuggets, now I remember them 🙂
    Your welcome. They are? just pure goodness!!

  4. azmusings

    I’m so excited to make this! I’ve been gluten free for about a month or so and it’s been difficult to find something my boyfriend and I can eat together. Although he’s? in his twenties, he eats like he’s seven. Ha. They look like chick fil a nuggets. Yummy! Thanks for the recipe.

  5. glamwithoutgluten

    I? saw Shrimp and i knew I had to have him 🙂 The kids gobbled those nuggets up right after I made them. They are full of flavor!

  6. EZGlutenFree

    The? pet lobster named Shrimp is very cute. The nuggets look very yummy too my friend. I haven’t tried using Chex as a chicken coating yet. Awesome idea.

  7. glamwithoutgluten

    your very? welcome!! i hope you had a great one and enjoy these bad boys!!!

  8. glamwithoutgluten

    thanks? 🙂

  9. mrdonniedoomsday3

    yay thanks me!!? <3 thanks for the birthday shout out and the request!! these look so good i cant wait to try them!!!:D

  10. de1978l

    great idea!?

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