Gluten free Cup Cakes Recipe

Posted on – From the makers of the best Gluten Free Recipes in the World, comes their famous Cup Cake recipe.

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  1. CupcakeIdeasForYou

    This is perfect for people? who are allergy with gluten. I like the video, the instruction is very clear and easy to follow.

  2. wendykpa

    I tried this recipe — it was delicious! And it didn’t “spike” my sugar that badly.

    Great? job 🙂

  3. robmbms

    I know I’m not alergydiet but I’m closely related, could you? be more precise in your question please?

  4. wendykpa

    Glad there’s a recipe for gluten free but I’m concerned? with the potatoe and rise flour for a diabetic. Is it safe for use in controlling that nagging “sugar spike”?

    I have a tip for you also 🙂
    You shouldn’t try to speak over the sound of your mixer…*yikes*

    They do make mixers today that operate quietly.

    Nice video tho 🙂

    God bless

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