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This is it, my 200th video. Back in middle of December I figured out that if I posted a video everyday for the rest of 2008, and missed no more than 5 days, I would reach 200 videos by 2009. I announced my goal and added in a goal of reaching 250 subscribers as well. I reached 250 last week. So, the good news, I met both my goals by the end of the year. The bad news, I have been really starting to feel like I am expending a lot of time and energy on YouTube for very little in return. I am not looking to be a partner, and I am not looking to get paid. I guess I just want a bit of recognition for how hard I have been working. I certainly appreciate those of you who comment and watch regularly, but I feel like YouTube is doing a lot to discourage those of us who are not already partners from continuing to do this. The way I am feeling about this I will probably do a vlog describing in greater detail why I think this, but the short answer is that they keep “changing the rules.” I am not talking about policies like about “cussing.” I am talking about the fact that they make changes without announcement. There is suddenly a limit on how long the description can be. Videos posted default to not accept video comments. The new upload system doesn’t save my descriptions half the time, which has a great effect on your video going into “rotation.” Whatever. So the point is that I am not really all that happy with this video. I think it needs to be trimmed down a bit, part need to be

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  1. spanishbronco

    Amen. I? agree 100%. I have lost trust with our medical community because of this. I am gluten intolerant and it took 8 years and 20 different doctors to find out I was intolerant. Interestingly, an allergy doctor did not want to give me a test and have it diagnosed. All they wanted to do was take shortcuts and prescribe me steroid cream and antibiotics which would only lead to more problems. You are exactly right, the doctors have been brainwashed under the power of big pharma.

  2. Arenal0

    Also several scientists have concluded that a wheat and dairy free diet can help with ADHD, ADD, Asperger, autism and other things. The fact that doctors all around are almost completely denying the fact that this is an? existing problem is, to say the least, iritating… i could go on for hours about this but all i really wanted to say was: Great video 😀

  3. Arenal0

    i am both gluten and lactose intollerant… lemme tell you, it sucks. All the things you say are true, it can lead to diabetes and other symptoms, but the fact that eating too much gluten, while being intolerant, can lead to celiac is rather frightning. And it’s not just in america there is too much flour. Here in Norway we stuff it wherever we can. And if i’m going to buy? wheat free flour, it costs 4 times as much.

  4. crazyontheloose23

    your? mom

  5. OhCurt

    This comment will actually have nothing to do with the video itself because I just realized I’ve spent a good chunk of my evening catching up on your channel.

    It was good for me, was it? good for you? LOL

  6. czarwright

    Thanks for the info=)?

  7. ohjoannabanana

    Thanks? for the info and the link.

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