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Make your own gluten-free pizza and make everyone happy! Find this and many more recipes on the Giallozafferano App in English *** Today is pizza day and I have a friend with celiac disease coming over for dinner, so I’ll make a gluten-free pizza just for her! Let’s see how to do. To prepare the gluten-free pizza, first of all crumble the fresh yeast in a small bowl; now add a teaspoon of honey… and a little water, taken from the total amount of water needed for the dough. Stir to dissolve it. In the meantime, dissolve the salt in the remaining water… add a couple of tablespoons of oil… then take a large bowl and combine the rice flour with the cornstarch; when you buy rice flour and corn starch, don’t forget to look for the cross grain symbol to make sure that the product is absolutely gluten-free, that’s very important. Now pour in the yeast mixture… mix gently… then add the water with oil and salt, and knead until you have a soft mixture, smooth and even of course. And here’s the resulting dough, this type of dough tends to crumble, but the consistency is soft, as you can see; if it’s too soft, almost sticky, add more flour of your choice, until it becomes like this. Now place in a bowl, which has been brushed with olive oil… cover with cling film and let it rise in a warm place. It’s been an hour and a half and the dough is risen, don’t expect it to rise exactly like normal wheat dough, because gluten-free flour doesn’t behave like that

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  1. KasCooks

    This is how she cooks lol?

  2. canadavenyc

    Yes, I’m quite aware of rice flour and its taste (I’ve been celiac for years now, and have baked with it many times.) I personally found this particular recipe’s taste to be inferior to the Bob’s Red Mill? mix, which is unfortunate. To each their own, though 🙂

  3. yellowsaffron

    It’s because of the rice flour,? that is a type of flour naturally gluten-free! On the contrary, that Crust mix is made with different flours and not everyone can tolerate it

  4. DaGreatBarker

    the pizza looks yummy!! and? by the way, you’re so much thinner now!! i like it that way!!

  5. polychronio

    pizza is so delicious! Djokovic? will like thiz gluten free pizza for sure..

  6. ontheroadsofitaly

    3:38 pizza is boiling 😉

  7. PianoFingers85

    Is a lot of your kitchen decorations from? Ikea? I love Ikea!

  8. sarahedwards2

    My brother’s friend has celiac disease, too. I remember when we had my brother’s birthday party, he couldn’t have the pizza we ordered. Another year, we got special hot dog buns for? him.

  9. yellowsaffron

    In this case, follow the traditional pizza? recipe! (pizza dough) (pizza margherita)

  10. Murderermarv

    Can you use this recipe with flour that has gluten? in it?

  11. yellowsaffron

    OLIVE oil!?

  12. yellowsaffron

    It’s a type of protein found in wheat and other grains: those who are? intolerant to gluten suffer from celiac disease

  13. xxBeautylicious

    2:24? oil-oil?

  14. StarleePie47

    What is gluten??

  15. ItsMisterRed

    >Talking about strength on? the internet

  16. MisterMikesh

    If? you are to weak for gluten, you are to weak for the world.

  17. EZGlutenFree

    Looks? incredible.

  18. imtherina

    Sonya, you look so much thinner!? you are beautiful!

  19. uniqued

    sonia…? youre so sexy….

  20. faylinameir

    ooo yay! I am? going gluten free because of health issues so the timing is perfect for this =) ty

  21. hotmaledotcomdotah


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