Gluten Free Sourdough Bread Recipe

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This is my second loaf and it came out perfect. Pre-gluten free, I made lots of sourdough bread, so this is a first for me too. Please try it, it is really e…

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  1. vegangelist

    Which gluten free flour (or flours) did you use in this bread??

  2. ForHisGloryMinistry

    Egg Replacer Options:
    1) 1 Tbs Ground Flax, 2-3 Tbs hot water, let cool and gel


    2) 1 Tbs Chia, 2-3 Tbs hot water, let cool and gel

    Good luck!?

  3. Aj Santiago

    What can you use to replace the eggs??

  4. Folksongjonny

    i tried it and it was wonderful!!!?

  5. nr98001

    Nice video but I am a bit confused why you use a sourdough starter and also
    added regular instant yeast? Sourdough bread is generally made with using
    the starter and letting your dough rise for 6-12 hours. The starter is the
    yeast, so not sure the point of adding in another type of yeast.?

  6. Folksongjonny

    sounds like an awesome recipe!!!!! Can’t wait to try?

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