Gluten-Free Tips From a Bastyr Expert

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Michelle Babb, MS, RD, CD, a faculty practitioner with Bastyr Center for Natural Health, explains why some of us should go gluten-free. Whether you suffer from celiac disease, or a gluten-intolerance, Babb tells KOMO News anchor Molly Shen some ways you can substitute foods and avoid gluten.

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  1. sophia yamaguchi

    this is in? seattle

  2. jcjohnson29

    Only in the last year have I finally heard people talk about their joint pain going away when they cut way back on gluten or became gluten free. As a 38 year old female, I couldn’t figure out why I? felt 80 years old all the time. A year ago I started on Medifast which has mostly gluten free products and super low sugar. I felt amazing results immediately. Gluten and sugar are like poison in my body.

  3. 989darkmagician

    Thanks the part about? celiac thats hard is that wheat is one of the most that you have to eat in the food pyramid

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