Gluten-Free Turkey Burger

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Are you interested in gluten-free cooking? Why not start with this delicious gluten-free turkey burger. Vanessa Moses of The Cooking Chicks demonstrates different ways to make this tastey burger! RECIPE: Chef Vanessa of The Cooking Chicks ~ I’m New to Gluten-Free Turkey Burger -1 Sweet Potato -1 lb of Lean Turkey Meat (80% lean is perfect) -1 small carton of Mushrooms -2 Red Peppers -1 Onion -1 Egg -2 cloves of garlic -Cup of flat leave Italian Parsley -1 TSP salt, 1/2 TSP Pepper -1/2 TSP of Seasoned Salt -1/2 TSP of powered Garlic -1 Bag of Shredded Asiago -2 Lemons -1/4 Olive Oil -1 Bag of Baby Arugula How to make: -Heat oven to 375 Deg -In a food processor add peppers, onions, garlic, parsley, and mushrooms – and process up -Using a microwave settings (or oven too) – almost cook Sweet Potato through so it can easily be pealed off the skin and mashed -In a separate bowl season meat with salt, pepper, seasoned salt, powered garlic, and dash of olive oil. Take fork and mix in seasoning with a fork into the meat. -Add processed veggies into meat and softened sweet potato, mix into meat using a fork -Add egg and continue to mix in until all ingredients look evenly distributed -Using hands, create patties for mixture about 2-3 oz (medium sized) -Bake at 375 Deg for 30-35 mins, turn on each side half way through -Makes about 6-8 patties I’m New to Gluten-Free Turkey Burger- 3 WAYS -1 Jar of Marinara (#1 – Patty with Marinara & Asiago) -1 Corn Tortilla (#2 – on a Warm Corn

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