Gluten Intolerance Educational Video

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This video explains what Gluten Intolerance is and what a person can do about it!

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  1. TRanceifyable

    Yes it should rice is good for you. Most gluten free products are made from rice? flour anyway. Rice noodles, cereals,etc.
    Dr Mark is smoking crack.

  2. glutenisgone

    If you are new to? being gluten free you should check out my help vblog channel, glutenisgone , for tips and support!

  3. madmanmantra

    Am I alone in getting sick and tired of clicking on educational or information videos expecting to hear someone describe a? medical condition or instructions and instead it’s another music video?

  4. dougj102463

    Nice Video.? BTW… “I Can See Clearly Now” was recorded by Johnny Nash, not Marvin Gaye.

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