How to Make Brown Rice Flour

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How to make brown rice flour — great for gluten-free cooking and baking! Check us out at

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  1. imacf90

    in brazil, they legally? have to label on all food products whether they have gluten in them or not.

  2. TheGSpotRev

    I have used it in my flour blends to make tortillas. You can learn? more about my blends by visiting the recipes section on my blog (see link in video description).

  3. windex1234

    You remind me of a girl, that I once knew.
    See her face whenever I, I look at you.
    You won’t believe all of the things she put me through.
    This? is why I just can’t get with you.

  4. TheCheerio27


  5. angelbe88

    have you tried using this? flour to make tortillas?

  6. SweetScientist14

    I’ll give you? a G spot revolution

  7. SweetDiversions

    YouTube does not allow links in comments. They should give that choice to the person who manages the channel but I’ve looked and cannot find a way to allow it on my channel and my friends with channels? on YouTube say the same. If anyone knows different please let us know. Thanks.

  8. SweetDiversions

    Wondering why you no longer sell them. Do you not like the quality or just that not enough people could afford them so you couldn’t make much money selling them? Serious question. I’m not happy with mine. It does some things great and other things they claimed it can do, well, not so? great.

  9. SweetDiversions

    I’ve seen it done in a coffee grinder on youtube but sorry, I don’t have a link to the video. But if you don’t? have a coffee grinder I would not invest in one just for this reason until you tried it first, because the brand and quality of the grinder may make all the difference. Perhaps you can borrow one or look for a free used one on craigslist or other free classifieds. Or if you want to buy one and don’t like the way it works make sure you can return it first, before buying.

  10. SweetDiversions

    Your tips about using pulse are good but your comment that she talks too fast is simply rude. I personally don’t like the way some people talk but I don’t criticize them in a public forum. I just avoid them? if I can. People in different areas of the world speak differently and your inability to understand this means you need to learn a few things yourself. Maybe you need to learn how to think faster. I don’t mind criticizing you in a public forum because you don’t seem to care about such things.

  11. grandaddynative

    my? bad if you got it for free. thats way kewl and how i got mine.

  12. grandaddynative

    lol u fell? for the via mix blender. i use to sell them and it costs fifty dollars to manufacture. good luck and i hope urs lasts

  13. ALdragon4

    Mine didn’t seem to come out with the? right texture, suggestions?

  14. zora111aaa

    can u do it with wight flower insted

  15. jemsniffman

    Does any one know if you can do this with a coffee? grinder? Some one told me that it was possible and I do not have a dry mixer as shown.

  16. blttakeout

    That camera is so annoying… and the video is about six minutes? too long for what you actually teach.

  17. KCAASE

    You are? pretty. Can you show how to make rice paper, please.

  18. gladtidings4all

    You talk too fast. And when I use my vitamix I pulse it on and off and letting it run that long in very high speed you heat the enzymes of the rice flour. Next time pulse it on and off so you pick? it up and tap it better. But don’t let it run that long you kill the enzymes which is the nutrients in the flour!

  19. Jetluffyq8

    thank you so? much, great video

  20. diegopunk

    i been looking eeveeerywhere for? brown rice flour ! and no luck
    so i guess ill just make my own
    with the instructions from a beautiful girl ! ^_^

  21. whitefolkfred

    did she say her name is county zhrounty classic?i love? this video though.i cant eat wheat and didnt know it would be this easy to make brown flour.thanks

  22. whitefolkfred

    ok,do u think she lives in there?she cooks in there ,she does leave the kitchen though.the “women should stay in the kitchen”? attitude is fading.i cook too and im a man.

  23. jaddadajamiilah

    Do you think this would work in a Ninja? blender? Great website by the way!

  24. TheGSpotRev

    Why, thank? YOU! 🙂

  25. TheGSpotRev

    Hi, there! Unfortunately, I don’t think a food processor would work. This one definitely requires a? high speed blender in order to grind the rice properly. Thanks for watching! 🙂

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