How to Make Gluten Free Flour Mix

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(Why have just one?)

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  1. 1too3fore

    He really robbed the cradle with you,? huh?

  2. BadWithNames123

    “I need a gluten? free, carb free flour mix lol”

    just go buy walnut or almond flour. it has around 1/4 of the? carbs normal flour has and is does taste great

  3. thepixieful

    my GF? waffles were actually BETTER…..

  4. DanielSnedden

    Hahahaha. Hence your? name. Thanks for the recipe. I don’t have any of the binders so I will order them as soon as possible. Thansk again!

  5. zazavely

    Thank you…?

  6. Cookus Interruptus

    scones, cake, quick breads. ? I haven’t tried this mix with yeasted breads however.

  7. zazavely

    what else besides cookies can you do with these? flour mix?

  8. alerTGamerFoY

    lol it was a? joke grow up ( :

  9. flygloria

    You made my? day today! This is true life!!! Thanks for the good mix-recipe and thanks for the great laugh !!! WONDERFUL!!!!!

  10. ChamorroZorro

    Are you doing a dark wash? lol? happy laundry day!

  11. mrg00ddude

    INFOWARSoCOM awsome? vid

  12. torofighter

    I’m sure she can handle? a simple compliment
    Get a life!

  13. alerTGamerFoY


    LoL really dude your sayin shes pertty lol hittin on a? girl on you tube thats a clasic

  14. torofighter

    wow, looks quite delicious!

    and your? so pretty

  15. Lioness DeWinter

    Great video! Jane is my favorite, and? I love her work as the title
    character in the Super Granny video game series. 🙂

  16. wwwBulkTaffycom

    Gluten Free Saltwater Taffy….. So? Good

  17. greyhound001

    love this stuff!! Bob’s Red Mill sells a lot? of these ingredients. Tastes great!!!

  18. gryphonshire

    I LOVE this Channel. The interruptions are so like what really? happens in most kitchens. Thanks for the dose of reality along with healthy, tasty receipes!

  19. Susan Stamey

    I need a gluten free,? carb free flour mix lol

  20. dann815

    Love it :)?

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