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Some diet promoters’ latest kick is to go gluten free. Will this really give you any health benefits?

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  1. PrincessSkySaysHi

    Read wheat belly. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.?

  2. ScttDynamite220

    Literally the only difference between table sugar and high fructose corn syrup is that high fructose corn syrup is slightly higher in fructose (table sugar: 50% fructose, 50% sucrose/corn syrup: 60% fructose, 40% sucrose). So he was right,? in essence.

  3. Thezuule1

    The facts are exaggerated but juice is actually good for you. Anything to get people to? eat their fruits and veggies.

  4. Thezuule1

    Are you a? scientifically illiterate moron who believes everything he hears on NaturalNews?

  5. MinnaWagner

    There are other? kinds of gluten sensitivity, e.g. gluten ataxia. Celiac disease is just one problem that gluten-sensitive people can develop.

  6. David Quek

    Have you heard about Atomic Fat Loss? (Go google it) It is a quick way to burn? calories fast.

  7. David Glück

    I think it might be worth mentioning that the gluten free fad can be traced back to Andrew Wakefield and the parent? driven anti-vax movement.

  8. trefod

    Because gluten is? so ubiquitous in our diets it makes it pretty annoying for few that are gluten sensitive. For those of us that are not insensitive there is no reason to avoid gluten, but a larger more interesting selection of food for those sensitive can’t be bad. tasty food is after all one of the joys of life.

  9. Malstrom420

    Whats a bigger problem is people like you Discrediting Real cures and real Practitioners, So go ahead and see your educated fool of a doctor that only knows prescription pills that just mask symptoms and Cause more? problems…

    I don’t know about every one else but i know what i trust in “What God Gave me not what man made me.” you can quote that.

  10. EnlaNube9

    Could you do a show about juicing? Like that of the documentary “Fat Sick and nearly dead”? and other so called “health gurus.” Does it work? Are the facts exaggerated?

  11. jtpnorth2

    I don’t care let the credulous go gluten free, it has driven? the prices down for me, a person who has clinically diagnosed celiac disease.

  12. Colin Fichman

    i hate this? guy

  13. ThePinupGhoul

    Homeopathic practitioners lying to their customers about their health issues is a huge problem, I agree. I’m anti-woo, myself. As for GF products being more ‘affordable’, they’re still comparatively expensive, but as? demand has increased, companies have made their GF products more accessible, which makes them less expensive for people like me, so I certainly don’t mind.

  14. ThePinupGhoul

    People should absolutely know the nutritional value of their foods, but it’s still ultimately their choice whether or not? to consume them. I don’t think it’s a problem. I choose not to eat foods that contain artificial flavorings, but I’m not going to call it a ‘problem’ that there are many who do choose to eat it. The important thing is to be informed and make your decisions accordingly. I just don’t care what other people choose to eat, really.

  15. ankit sharma

    If you seriously? want to burn off fat fast, you should search google for Zippy Fat Loss. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  16. hoopsonwheels

    Bloodtests don’t solve? everything sometimes you have to learn alergies the hard way like I did

  17. trueartgirl

    You’d think but some may dismiss the idea to have blood work or think of it to begin with (not all docs are the brightest and? it’s very sad)

  18. dgwear69

    people like you are an extreme minority. people should be aware that they are getting no benefit paying extra for the gfree diet foods. infact choosing? gluten free foods often means less fiber so if you could tolerate gluten you get less out of g free products.

  19. dgwear69

    a general? doctor would ultimatly send you to get blood work.

  20. dgwear69


  21. dgwear69

    idiot. ?

  22. hoopsonwheels

    Do a latex allergy episode one? day

  23. hadron2

    Perhaps in ten years no one will remember? gluten.

    Although I worry that the quacks will have latched on to something just as profitable by then, and still be handing out deleterious advice with insouciance; while well-meaning victims echo NaturalNews conspiracies in perpetuity.

    We can only hope that the information age might bring about a revived and well-needed respect for factual-knowledge.

    I for one am sick of watching people chewing the books rather than take on the humility of learning.

  24. BlindedByScience2020

    Affordable? Really. Well prepare to work overtime to pay for your products. Honestly, I’m truly, very sorry that you genuinely have this disease. The “enormous problem” I refer to comes from the the fact that people who DON’T have the disease but have been told that they do by their “homeopathic counselor” or the the “high priestess of their Shamanic drumming class,” not a doctor. The fact is that most people who are on gluten free diets don’t need to be on them. Only 1% of the population? does.

  25. drew79s

    The actual medical condition is mentioned once in the video, and dismissively. The ratio you’re talking about is likely to? be the 1 in 100 that is prevalent across the rest of the anglosaxon world, but US diagnosis rates are a lot lower than the rest of the world on most things, so this is unlikely to be any different. If the stats hold up where you are its likely that you know at least a few people with coeliac disease, just not diagnosed.

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