Is Gluten-Free Good?

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Celebrities rave about the trend, but the diet does have its dangers.

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  1. Zipadedodagirl

    This makes me upset. I have Celiac, and I’ve felt tons better, not just with stomach aches but with energy and overall feeling better. That doctor probably got paid off… but then again this was a year? ago, maybe they’ve gotten the picture now.

  2. maybedeadcat2213

    This sickens me. I have Celiac. I would do anything to be able to eat normally again. I’ve had it since? I was 7 and it is AWFUL! They are going to hop right off this trend once a new one comes in.

  3. thelovesanne

    And now? is Miley doing it to ..

  4. airdr

    I’m not listening to that doctor -? he looks like a hobo. I’ve gone gluten cause I’ve HAD to. And I feel FAN-TASTIC.

  5. junglepimp

    yea that doctor was lying out of his teeth! he was just saying that so people dont eat gluten? free and continue to die from diabetes/heart attack/stroke or morbid obesity.

  6. islespatrick

    I? bet Chelsea Clinton only got into a top name school because of her father. And btw: you should only be doing gluten free if you actually have something medically wrong with you..not because it’s the “it” thing to do.

  7. Eric Tran

    So fucking stupid. That Doctor? was either paid to say that in defense of the higher brand names or he’s just an idiot. ‘All you really have to do is google gluten and you’re bound to be shocked at how commonly people react to it. And a lack of fiber and minerals? Please, that’s what fruit and vegetables are for. It’s like that doctor is saying what would happen if you ONLY ate gluten free bread.

  8. EsotericWisdom33

    Also gluten is not a naturally occurring protein and many times it is actually? genetically modified and completely useless, if not dangerous, for the human health. Research Health Now Medical center and also Dr Rodney Ford on the matter.

  9. EsotericWisdom33

    Gluten? is not an issue only for people with celiac disease. There is also gluten sensitivity that is not linked to celiac disease and people are experiencing life changing effects after going gluten free without having celiac disease. The literature/evidence on this has been expanding in the last 2-3 years. Not a surprise that the MD in the documentary stated that a gluten free diet is not entirely healthy. More health issues = More patients for them and more money.

  10. TheIAMINU

    Gluten free diets? aren’t dangerous , gluten is.

  11. Sarahfire3

    I have celiac disease. I have no choice but to not eat wheat. If I were to eat something before like a cake, my stomach would start hurting, more like? knots and a wrenching pain in my stomach. Luckly I can still eat dairy and soy. If I couldn’t I couldn’t eat soy or dairy, I would be screwed because almost everything has SOY and DAIRY in it. Gluten free stuff can rather be exspensive to.

  12. lisas11222

    This is a load of crap. What horrible reporting. You spent almost no time helping people understand what celiac disease is. At best you proved that all people need to do is take a multivitamin and get enough calcium. You? call that “dangerous” You did NO reporting on the dangers of eating gluten. This is not “journalism”. I didn’t expect much more from ABC, though.

  13. DenverGuy11111

    Another stupid fad.?

  14. dhstearns

    Another failed media attempt, to explain, this issue. Between 1990 & 2004 wheat seeds were bio-engineered. The results were increased fiber & gluten levels, in the harvested wheat. All purpose flour now has twice as much gluten as, it did prior to 1990. ? Cake flour 4x gluten. The US has been double ingesting, this protein, for over 15 years. 12%, of the US, is reacting to it. Proof? Go get pan gravy recipes, from each previous decade. My allergy tracks directly, with the seed changes.

  15. gtaffpro12

    ANd My B vitamin deficiancy was caused by my Gluten intolerance not from living gluten free, SInce I went gluten free? My vitamins and all other bllod wok including my thyroid has been perfect. This is a classic case of a doctor who thinks they know everything, I have not heard of anyone ever being sick or lacking the nutients they need, BREAD, and pastries are not needed they are just extras.

  16. gtaffpro12

    This doctor is an idiot, Just because he has a degree doesn’t mean he has done any studies, I had? a disfictia because of Gluten, gluten hurts your brain cells, and you can find fiber in Prunes dumb ass even more than gluten filled foods!

  17. gtaffpro12

    totally agree with you, and the wheat gluten is far off worse than gluten from? rice or corn.

  18. 1chickfromclamtown

    The positives far outweigh the negative!? If you are gluten intolerant, you are unable to absorb ANY vital nutrient. So how is GF bad? Typical doctor, rather keep people sick so they keep coming back to him.

  19. AwesomeInProgress

    ok so its dangerous because there is no guarantee of weight loss and it doesn’t have enough fiber??!! that doesn’t sound dangerous to me. I feel like this was paid for by? the wheat industry

  20. MegHollomon

    I didn’t mean to offend you. I have friends that have celiac disease, and I am well informed? on the matter. I used the word alternative because it also means “different from the usual or conventional,” and a diet is simply what a person eats on a regular bases. Hence, I wasn’t implying that your circumstance is a trend. I was just saying that responsible people (with restrictions) are usually more careful about meeting daily nutritional requirements. Therefore, deficiencies are minimal.

  21. Flutterdream

    You do realize gluten-free does not count as an ‘alternative’ diet, right? It’s a MEDICAL need. People with celiac disease do not easily absorb their B vitamins or K vitamins. I obviously don’t mind that more people are going gluten-free, but most people don’t realize that it’s not just a “trendy” diet. My hair fell out and? I was so malnourished that I was on IV nutrition due to undiagnosed celiac. If a vegan accidentally eats meat, nothing happens. If I eat gluten? I’m sick for WEEKS after.

  22. MegHollomon

    More people are becoming B12 deficient due to commercial farming practices. For example, most cattle in factory farms are fed? corn rather than grass. Cows need the cobalt from the soil in order to synthesize B12 in their guts. Because the animals are increasingly deficient, so too are the consumers. In my opinion, people that follow alternative diets responsibly (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free) are less likely to be deficient because the B12 issue is so well known.

  23. Flutterdream

    My comment on this guy:
    Okay, gluten-free products, breads, etc, aren’t healthier. I’ll give him that. They are usually full of fat and sugar. Which is why I tend to avoid them (although when I needed to gain 20 pounds after my diagnosis, boy, did those treats help!)
    However, a gluten-free diet means that you cannot eat fast food of? any kind. And going gluten-free has introduced me to a wealth of grains that I never would have eaten before. Quinoa, teff, amaranth.

  24. Flutterdream

    The American diet should be rich in B12, it’s interesting, because it’s found in meat, eggs, milk-animal foods. Which Americans certainly eat enough of. But my theory on it is that so many people have inflamed guts due to all the crap people are putting into their bodies that they can’t easily absorb it. I have celiac disease but I have to supplement anyways because my gut is permanently damaged (it was extremely severe and undiagnosed for years) to the point that it isn’t as bio-available to me?

  25. MegHollomon

    I am a (mostly) gluten free vegan, and I am not lacking any vitamins, protein, or fiber. The recommended daily intake of fiber is 25 grams. Fiber is found in a variety of plant foods: Legumes, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. I get B vitamins in my diet (fortified plant milks, nutritional yeast) with very little supplementation. The standard American? diet lacks many nutrients, especially fiber and some B vitamins like B12. A gluten free diet is not “dangerous”.

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