Jennifer Esposito on Dr. OZ

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Visit for more. Learn how to make Jennifer Esposito’s gluten free scones as she explains her story of Celiac diagnoses with Dr. OZ.

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  1. Vivica Moore

    i dont have celiac but i wanna eat this thing. lol looks? delicious!

  2. NKOTBJovifangirl

    thank you for posting this video..think I’ll go back to my doctor & ask him to get tested for Celiac…just to? be safe…since last year I’ve been experiencing some of the same symptoms related with celiac !

  3. LSILO81

    love her on blue bloods and on? samantha who

  4. FritzLaurel

    Love your energy and positive attitude! I’m going to have to try these (although I’ll? change the canola oil to something less toxic and non-GMO.) 😉

  5. miro11912

    she’s very? pretty!!!!

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