Jules Gluten Free – Look What You Can Make!

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www.youtube.com Amazing photos of wide variety of gluten-free foods – all made with Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour. Patent-pending flour created by Jules Shepard. One flour makes gluten free pies, cakes, cookies, tortillas, hamburger rolls, challah, puff pastry, French bread, lemon bars, sandwich bread, muffins, tarts, tortes, calzones, graham cracker crust, gingersnaps, popovers, ravioli, gnocchi, dinner rolls, scones – anything you can imagine, you can make easily, deliciously gluten free with Jules’ amazing flour. Search more than 200 gluten-free, allergen-friendly recipes at julesglutenfree.com

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  1. littlegryffyn

    love this? flour!

  2. Wendy Rose

    LOVE IT! Thank you, Jules, for your? flour and your advocacy 🙂

  3. hhelge1

    Pure HEAVEN!!! Thank you, Thank? you, Thank you!!!

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