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youtu.be More and more people are embarking on a gluten-free journey. And there’s no better resource to equip you to meet the challenges and savor the joy of a gluten-free journey than Jules Shepard. As a celiac living gluten-free since 1999, Jules has seen and been behind many of the changes that make living gluten free today easier and more delicious. In this indispensable 37-page e-book, Jules imparts her wisdom, her tricks and tips and her encouragement as she guides you through: Making your kitchen and pantry safe Reading labels Surprising foods that may contain gluten How to plan your meals Eating out Being a guest in someone’s home Hosting others Dating and other social occasions Then, Jules equips you with a three-day fast-start meal plan…to get your journey off on the right foot, with healthy, delicious, simple meals that will build your confidence as your body begins to heal. “This is the type of book I would have paid any amount of money to have had when I went gluten free,” says Jules of her “New-to-Gluten-Free e-Book.” Make it the first step you take on your gluten-free journey. Or send it as a caring gift to someone you know who’s going gluten free. Search 200+ gluten-free, allergen-friendly recipes and more at julesglutenfree.com

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  1. Earl Wise

    luckyfire3–same? here! Bummer; I was really looking forward to it. Sigh.

  2. luckyfire3

    I can’t seem? to find your e-book. I click on the link and it just show’s a copy of this video.

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