Meals In Minutes – Healthy Buckwheat Bread

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This week’s segment of Meals In Minutes we teach you how to make bread. Yep that’s right! Healthy, gluten, sugar and yeast free buckwheat bread. You guys are…

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  1. Colleen Russell

    THANK YOU! I was so surprised how good this was and simple. I’m sending to all my friends who are interested in healthy bread. I had to stop eating all wheat and bread and this recipe is great tasting. On my second loaf I added 1-2 tablespoons caraway (soaked? overnight and rinsed). There are endless ways to use this recipe.

  2. Stevesueng

    My? question also.

  3. OfftoShambala

    is that 180? farenheit or celsius?

  4. katicaable

    I like the taste but I was wondering if I can use cooked buckwheat instead??

  5. Brian Hahn

    Melissa? and Holly so gorgeous and so knowledgeable!

  6. Mary Galofre

    id like to know also? no soy no sugar either….

  7. Steve Dollar

    Awesome? video girls, thanks for making it!

  8. PlacidTempest

    Must be celsius because it comes out to 356 in fahrenheit and 350? is normal for breads.

  9. Lieahscafelounge

    Bake on 180? celsius or fahrenheit?

  10. beautyblogs

    could you? use buckwheat flour instead?

  11. Diamonds7771

    Thanks. Question when you soak the nuts over night what do you do you dry them out and store? in the fridge or cupboard?? and How long does this bread last and again do you store in the fridge or cupboard.. Many thanks. xxxx

  12. ILoveValenciaOranges

    What would a good vegan replacement? for the yogurt be? No soya.

  13. HealthToGlow

    Your welcome? darling. Enjoy!

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