MSNBC misses the mark on gluten free diet

Posted on In an article from titled “Is Gluten Really Bad For Your Body” posted on 4 Karen Ansel, RD discusses the risks and pitfalls of a GF diet without discussing the very real benifits of a GF diet. Dr. Krupka sets the record straight. Dr. Krupka practices Functional Medicine and Chiropractic in Houston, TX

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  1. moocat11

    very good. I would love to talk to you someday on the technology I use to determine antioxidant levels. those? people who follow your advice score very high.

  2. dotslady

    Thank you for putting it out there. We need THIS type of? information to be mainstream. Keep up the good work.

  3. DrPatrickKrupka

    Well thanks for the support, Priscilla. Thankfully the goons from MSNBC haven’t shown up at my office? yet…lol

  4. priscillajames

    hey there very nicely? put, very enlightening and informative video keep up the good work.

  5. tvswnet

    Excellent–honestly, that article was crap. You also brought up the huge problem of looking at the body as separate systems rather than a? single system. Any doctor who’s gonna suggest artificially enriched products is not one I’d ever return to. I eat no grains except for quinoa a couple times per week and I feel WAY better. You are 100% right about the commercial interest of many “experts” and officials…look at WHO and other health ministries’ food recommendations: much less than the US.

  6. soFresh207

    Great video. I’m skeptical about gluten-free diet since I have not really understood comprehensively enough on it and I just sent you an email through your website. It’ll be great if I get a response from you. Your insight will? definitely enlighten me. THanks!

  7. DrPatrickKrupka

    I’m glad you went and read the original article (and I’m sure MSNBC appreciates it too) Feel free to pass the video along so others can learn from? it too. Oh, and you’re welcome!

  8. 1cyanideghost

    Absolutely brilliantly spoken. Keep doing your amazing job, it is a well known fact that agro lobbies make false claims that 33-34% of the diet should consist of grains, however that is unsubstantiated if you get enough fiber from other more normalized sources.
    Patrick have you ever looked at Xtend-Life products? They advocate exactly the same like you, would think like minded people should support each other, plus they make? the worlds best vitamins/anti-inflammatory products. 10/10 for content

  9. doutonight

    I wish more.. authorities in the various fields of? medicine and nutrition… would think like you.

  10. DrPatrickKrupka

    Great to hear that you have done so well. I agree that the naturally GF diet is healthy for? almost anyone…if they would just do it! Thanks for watching!

  11. Naciowy

    Very interesting review, overall I would agree that the article doesn’t go deep enough and makes too many generalisations. As a celiac diagnosed at early age, I’m probably ten times healthier than my peers because I have to look at what I eat carefully, instead of munching on whatever comes my way. Naturally gluten free diet is healthier not only because it eliminates the symptoms of my disease, but also? makes me appreciate food more – and if just for that I would recommend it to anyone.

  12. Ginny larsen

    Thanks for sharing? the video! Very good information for those who have a lot of misinformation out there!

  13. FunctionalWellness

    Great video, I went and read the article and you are right on point! Thanks? for what you do!

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