The Secrets of Gluten Free Cooking

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Eating for Evolution, (Formerly Tiffany’s Healing Foods). Learn the benefits of healthy eating and how to prepare delicious gluten free meals. Easy to make, tasty to eat, and extremely beneficial for addressing a variety of health issues.

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  1. drtiffer

    You’re? welcome!

  2. jammingwithmarley

    Thank? you

  3. thepixieful

    @Dustycajungurl I found a $29 waffle iron is wonderful sometimes you want a carb. I can make the bread but not ready to reorganize the kitchen YET….no bread machine needed and? you only need one bread recipe really, the corn muffin mixes are good and a cupcake pan that is simple.

  4. thepixieful

    I had gut pain after every meal for 50 years…..fortunately I was trained as a baker, so I can cook or bake anything from scratch, the baking can be? tricky at first. also Taste of Thai has fortune cookies.

  5. FrugalandLazyCook

    This is really good content. Thanks!?

  6. kellynolan82

    My friend just made a post on something really interesting she saw online about a potential cure for gluten? intolerance and celiac disease that seems to work for just about everyone with gluten issues. I don’t know about it’s ‘true’ validity, however I’d say it’s worth at least looking into. Leave your comments on this hot topic! She’d like to hear of your perspectives at

    >> (slash) p1244N-6k << --- and there's even a YouTube video on the hot topic. Let us know what you think.

  7. quotationmarks


  8. whitegirlfang

    check? out my channel! gluten free recipes and tips!

  9. drtiffer

    depends on the person? and whether they are intolerant or celiac… also how old they are and their general health. If you take good care and had just that exposure your body can do amazing things in just a few weeks!

  10. drtiffer

    @Dustycajungurl This is a great story! I? see so many different cases of very odd symptoms clearing up once people get off gluten. A woman I treated yesterday has had bleeding gums for years. Once she got off gluten it totally went away!

  11. drtiffer


  12. hipretty

    wow Dr Tiff all of those foods you featured in the? vid look amazing to me!!!!

  13. RenGrayson

    yay! I want to know? how to make such good food 🙂

  14. drtiffer

    Yes, good point. It has been a recent addition? to our diet in terms of our evolutionary history.

  15. ncfwhitetigress

    According to the paleolithic diet, humans do not naturally ingest gluten. That’s why? people feel better when they get off of it.

  16. yarwnna

    Do you also go to the diabetic pages and? dispute their diet as well? There’s no difference and there is nothing to debate.

  17. drtiffer

    Agreed. Gluten is simply a naturally occurring substance in nature. Although I am confidant in making this blanket statement: highly processed and refined wheat products do not support health 🙂
    And? for the MANY who are unable to fully break it down, it is causing serious health problems.
    Again: Most of my patients get better and feel better when they get off gluten. That is the fact.

  18. thibaulthalpern

    Primarily because I think it’s unnecessary to think gluten is absolutely bad for you. Yes, it may not agree with certain people but to brand gluten? as an unhealthy substance is highly problematic. That kind of mindset is quite pandemic in a particular segment of the white American health foods community. But anyhow, I’ve said enough. Cheers.

  19. yarwnna

    thibaulthalpern….why are you even here? on this post if you have nothing but negative comments to make to us? You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  20. yarwnna

    I’m glad you hear that you’re doing better Airox. My mom had developed MS before we found out about the? celiac gene running in the family. She was treated for MS only until then. She’s now been in remission for 3 years on the gluten-free diet.

  21. yarwnna

    Well, I’m reading again…..and it’s says: “There’s? a lot of food phobia that comes from certain segments of the health foods movement. I don’t agree that gluten is unhealthy.”
    Perhaps you might want to re-check your comments before you contact me???

  22. thibaulthalpern

    And by the? way, these recent set of comments were really directed towards the viewers and also respondents to my comments. Unfortunately because there isn’t a way I can reply to them multiply, this is the method I use. Thank you.

  23. thibaulthalpern

    For example, in the West, green tea is touted as almost like a elixir–“it saves all!” etc.. In Chinese practice, green tea is considered a yin food and too much of it isn’t good and you need to balance it out with some yang food. Likewise, too much yang food (e.g., peanuts) isn’t good either and needs to be balanced out. Folks in? the West continue to not realise the fundamental philosophy of balance and either see a food as either good for you or bad for you. Nope, not the case typically. No.

  24. thibaulthalpern

    As anyone who is knowledgeable about Chinese medicinal practice (and in fact, Chinese regard food as medicinal) there is hardly anything that is touted as entirely bad for you or entirely good for you. Chinese? philosophy in medicine / health / food / nutrition is to take the middle way. Each food has a yin and a yang aspect.

  25. thibaulthalpern

    It’s good to know your position more fully. What is often touted in health market segments and amongst consumers who consider themselves progressive healthful consumers, blanket statements such as “gluten is bad for you” arise. This is the same story with many other food substances. That’s primarily that attitude I’m against. We? can’t make these blanket statements over and over again, and yet in the health food market / health food consumers, you hear that repeatedly.

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