What are the symptoms of Gluten Intolerance

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www.healthnowmedical.com Celiac & Gluten sensitivity can create many different problems. What should you do when you remove gluten and you don’t feel any better? Learn the answer from a doctor and author.

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  1. TheWildmeanfairlyhip

    My bodies freaking? out from everything just now, thanks for this vid.

  2. waldemarb1971

    I think avoid fucking antibiotics? and we will be nice.
    All shit containe yeast cosing our disease.
    I wish well every body

  3. datzfast

    waz up doc? im a former microbiologist and? life long IBS suffered. i now eat a strict paleo diet. i no longer have any IBS issues. it has also cured my “metabolic syndrome”. its almost like a switch has flipped and a bucnh of genes were activated and a whole series of genes were switched off.

  4. healthnowmedical

    Your body’s obvious ‘dislike’ of gluten could be celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Gluten is linked to autoimmune disease so it’s important to get diagnosed & treated quickly. .

    A common diagnosis for symptoms such as yours? is IBS. The problem is that it is a ‘catch all’ term used when the actual problem is often gluten.

    If you need help figuring out the best test to take feel free to call me at the clinic: 408-733-0400. I am here to help.

    Dr Vikki

  5. purplemonkeyblue4

    If I? eat even traces of gluten I vomit absolutely everything it’s terrible I have been a celiac for8years

  6. coolmj85

    Hi my name is matt I’m 27 years old I’ve had this problem for 3 months now and it’s started to get worse i seem to get stomach pains and vomitting more often when i’m eating this foods containg gluten and wheat. Is this a? connection with celiac disease or some sort of autoimmune disease. And the most common miss diagnosis is Irrital bowel syndrome…

  7. stabilityball

    I noticed the metabolic typing diet on the? shelf… 🙂

  8. healthnowmedical

    Thank you for the question. We have seen a strong correlation between Crohn’s disease and gluten intolerance and have seen good success treating it. It would be well worth your time to pursue that as well as discovering any infections present? in your intestine.

    Please consider calling us for a free health analysis. Call 408-733-0400. We would be happy to help you!

    Dr Vikki

  9. frips1000

    hi! i wonder i have chrons and i? wonder if gluten can have a connection with that?

  10. healthnowmedical

    It could be from gluten. One this is certain and that is that your digestive tract is not efficiently turning your food into? fuel. When that occurs it is next to impossible to be truly healthy.
    Please let me know if you’d like assistance. I can offer you a free health analysis. Call 408-733-0400. We are here to help!

    Dr Vikki

  11. AuglereDeRosenkinde

    can dermatitis herpetiformis resemble lichen planus? my mother has lichen planus, diabetes, thyroid problems headaches, fatigue, etc… I am an? aspie, so is dad, and we both have adhd. we are all fog-brained. she doens’t think she has asperger’s… or adhd. i? beg to differ, esp with her symptoms. it might not be exactly like ours, but hse has SOMETHINg. what do you suggest? does this sound? like that?

  12. sourmaxwell

    Dr. Vikki, I have noticed more and more that after I eat I am very tired, my stomach is constantly making noises, and I am overall just worn out. I am lactose intolerant and love dairy. This? constant fatigue I have could it be from gluten?

  13. sourmaxwell

    Dr. Vikki,?

  14. josecarlos21100


  15. Elya08

    What kind of inflammation did you have? And your asthma went away after you stopped? drinking milk? What about other dairy products… did you stop those as well?

  16. healthnowmedical

    @VioletEyesJewel – The secondary effects are dealt with through evaluation for the presence of cross-reactive foods, intestinal infections, poor absorption of nutrients, imbalance of probiotics (good bacteria), hormonal imbalance,etc.

    We find these critical to ensure full? healing of the small intestine and restoration of the immune system.

    Hope this helps!
    Dr Vikki

  17. healthnowmedical

    @ajanes18 – It is possible that gluten could be the root of your problem. If you’d like? to contact me we can discuss the specifics and decide the best route for you to take. Call 408-733-0400 for a free health analysis.
    Dr Vikki

  18. InsidersHealthTV

    It can’t be easy when you’re having digestive issues and no definite diagnosis can be made. How can you really know if it’s a gluten rejection or celiac disease, especially if the doctor is unsure? We’ve covered this on our channel as well in anyone is interested. Have a? great day, everyone!

  19. ajanes18

    I also have that really itchy rash as well

  20. ajanes18

    Even when I take my meds for narcolepsy I still have fatigue and I’m always tired and can never focus in school. I also have a hard time sleeping at night as well. I’ve read something online that most people with narcolepsy have celiac or are gluten sensitive. I also read that celiac is in the same gene as narcolepsy… Is this true? I’m going to the doctors to get tested soon but do you think I? might have it?

  21. ajanes18

    I think I might have celiac or? a gluten sensitivity because I feel really sick after I eat a meal, My stomach hurts, I have constipation, headaches and much more. I also have asthma, allergies and narcolepsy.

  22. kushasaures

    …I also, stopped eating processed salt, and regular sea salt, and use CELTIC Sea Salt instead, and supplement with Lugol’s iodine solution in my water… this seems to have helped my thyroid issue immensely (I am hoping that my hypothyroidism was caused by iodine deficiency, and? that maybe I won’t have to take armour desiccated thyroid anymore either). But only time will tell. I fired my conventional doctors after they told me that I would have to take meds for life, and didn’t address diet.

  23. kushasaures

    About a month ago, I was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency, and I have since switched to a Paleolithic diet (95% organic, dairy free, and gluten free), I feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life! All the inflammation is gone, as soon as I stopped drinking milk, my asthma went away, and my Holistic M.D. says that he is confident I should be able to get off of the low dose florinef, and cortef! WOO HOO! Best advice anyone can give you is to EAT LIKE YOUR ANCESTORS.?

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