Wheat Allergy vs Celiac Disease

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Michael Marcus, MD .. Director Pediatric Allergy & Pulmonary -Maimonides Medical Center .. Fellowship:Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia DrMDK.com

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  1. Daniela Pasquini

    Great explanation on the differences between the wheat allergy & celiac disease. HOWEVER I would? like to add that gluten is also found in barley, rye & some instances oats. Therefore people with celiac disease need to avoid not only wheat & wheat containing products, but also rye/rye-containing products, barley/barley-containing products & in some instances oats/oat-containing products as well as be careful to avoid any possible cross-contamination with gluten.

  2. MrCollectionplate

    theres a cure for wheat/gluten intolerance !! Check out BREAKSPEAR medical centre HEMEL HEMPSTEAD ENGLAND U.K. I had Anti Aligen injections for 2 weeks and built an immunity to the alergy (like anti-body) i now eat wheat? and drink orange juice (etc) look it up on the web !! plz spread the word !!

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