Gluten Free Bread Recipe for Sandwiches: Oat or Sorghum

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Gluten free bread recipe made with either gluten free oat or sorghum flour. Full recipe at or see the Bread Machine version…

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  1. evodie tchawa

    great recipe with versatility. After watching it I went home and made it
    with my all purpose flour mix made with sorghum, brown rice, tapioca and
    potato starch flour and it was the best GF sandwhich bread. Thank you for
    the great recipe?

    • Carla Spacher

      You’re very welcome! You’ll find 1900+ more gluten free recipes that I’ve developed since then.

  2. Randy last

    why do you put egg whites in it? would it be affected adversly withOUT??

    • Carla Spacher

      Yes, without eggs or an egg substitute the bread would not turn out well at all.

  3. November Summer-Song

    Not just gluten free but certified gluten free for the oat flour. ?

  4. Carla Spacher

    Brown rice can be substituted for the oat flour, but you may need to bake
    it longer as rice flour is much lighter and may cause the bread to fall.

  5. Zin Jeffrey

    Hi thx for the video, i just want to know what can i do to replace the
    yeast since, yeast makes me bloated? Any other substitutes? Thank you

  6. HHeirloomIA

    Do you have any suggestions for replacements of the gums? I am sensitive to
    them. I will be trying this recipe this month w/o the gums. Thanks!

  7. Carla Spacher

    Sorghum flour is not related to wheat at all. It is its own grain. It
    contains no gluten, though if you are gluten intolerant, you will want to
    use one that is labeled gluten free (Bob’s Red Mill brand, etc.).

  8. Carla Spacher

    (continued reply) Though Expandex is not natural, as it is a modified
    tapioca starch, it may help you in replacing eggs and yeast. Learn about it
    at expandexglutenfree (dot) com.

  9. EZGlutenFree

    Looks Incredible Carla! Well done. I’ll have to hunt down about half of the
    ingredients before I can try it.

  10. hipretty

    Where do you get guar gum…I have never seen it in stores.

  11. Carla Spacher

    Thanks so much! One of my favorite gluten free bread recipes.

  12. Carla Spacher

    It doesn’t turn out well using all flaxseeds, but it does resemble bread.

  13. Carla Spacher

    Mike, this recipe cannot be used for a yeast-free version. I have been on
    working on perfecting a yeast-free gluten-free recipe for some time now. I
    need to get back to it. Yeast-free gluten-free bread recipes turn out best
    with all whole grain flour and no starch at all. Stay tuned in the near

  14. Carla Spacher

    Potato flour and potato starch are 2 different things. This recipe calls
    for potato “starch” which is light, similar to cornstarch, and is white in
    color. Potato flour is heavier and yellow in color. If you use additional
    tapioca flour/starch (same thing) it will be much lighter, have more of a
    chew to it; and possibly fall upon cooling if it is too light. Some
    gluten-free bread is made strictly with tapioca flour/starch. Because oat
    flour is heavy it will probably work out fine. Let us know!

  15. Phoenix Wings

    god bless you and your son. I wish you both the best.

  16. Carla Spacher

    I purchase it in several places: vitacost (dot) com, bobsredmill (dot) com,
    and in many stores. Try Whole Foods, health food stores, etc.

  17. Carla Spacher

    Because rice flour is much lighter than sorghum and oat flour, it is best
    to use one of my rice flour bread recipes. Check out my gluten free “Bread”
    recipe category on my blog (see description for link). My favorite is the
    Mock Udi’s Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread Recipe. I finally figured out that
    if you cook it long enough it won’t fall.

  18. Carla Spacher

    Adding 1/4 cup dry non-fat milk to the warm water in this recipe makes even
    a better gluten free bread, but I have so many dairy-free blog readers that
    I made this one for them.

  19. Carla Spacher

    As stated, you may sugar (any type except for sugar-free/diet). Use
    evaporated cane juice, honey, sugar, etc.

  20. PA861

    Thank you for posting. Sorghum bread is delicious and very nutritious. The
    best part is that if you eat it regularly, you are not likely to get cancer
    ever as they are rich in vitamin B17 (nitrolicides)

  21. fadi aboona

    what can i use instead of arrowroot if unable to find? also can use all
    brown rice instead of white? Thanks.

  22. Carla Spacher

    Make sure if you use a cooking oil, it is also gluten free. Not all of them

  23. 1too3fore

    learn to cook without the eggs and oil.

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