Health Diets – Gluten Free Diet Information For The Control Of Coeliacs Or Celiacs Disease

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Health Diets – Gluten Free Diet Information For The Control Of Coeliacs Or Celiacs Disease
Though this gluten free diet can help you lose weight due to the avoidance of grain and other carbs, it generally is highly recommended for the person out there who suffers from Coeliacs [also known as Celiacs] disease and/or has a wheat allergy.

What is Coeliacs disease you ask?

This is a fairly common digestive tract condition and is caused by the intolerance of the body to the protein gluten. When a person with this problem has eaten something containing gluten they may have a adverse reaction which could cause a wide range of symptoms like diarrhea, abdominal pain and bloating[causing flatulence] to name but a few. These symptoms can range from very mild to severe and affect mainly the small intestine.

This is generally caused by the persons immune system mistaking the gluten as a hostile organism. The body’s natural defense system [immune system] then attacks this gluten thinking it is a virus, causing damage to the intestine.

So by restricting certain types of gluten’s from our diet by avoiding grains and heavily processed foods [easier said than done] we can ease the symptoms of this disease and live a more comfortable and flatulence free life.

What is Gluten?

This is a protein and it is found in some grains like wheat, rye and barley. It is therefore found in different types of foods which include pasta, cakes, most breads, malt vinegar and some breakfast cereals.

There are different terms on the labels of some food that can indicate the presence of gluten, these are starch, flavoring, emulsifier, stabilizer and hydrolyzed plant protein. So a person prone to digestive tract problems like coeliacs needs to be very aware of what the food they are purchasing contains.

Foods most likely containing gluten:
flour, cereal, vegetable protein, malt or malt flavorings, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, vegetable gum and soy sauce. These foods and sauces should be avoided wherever possible.

There are some foods that do not contain gluten, remember to check the label though as some might have gone through some type of processing which could have added gluten. These are: corn, rice, soybeans, potato, tapioca, buckwheat, millet and arrowroot, to name but a few.

A vast majority of distilled beverages are also gluten free, and there are specific food companies that produce various foods that are free of gluten, these are clearly labeled and available at most health stores.

There is no miracle cure for coeliac disease, but changing to a gluten-free diet will help control this condition’s symptoms and as always check with your doctor before trying any diet program.

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