Really Free

The GLUTOWN Project project was born out of the frustration Maria and I felt just trying to find something to eat whilst out for the night…

Our primary objective was to help ourselves and we quickly realised that we can also help others. Money or profit was and is not the driving force. However, there is a financial cost to providing the GLUTOWN App and maintaining the service annually.

Maria and I have absorbed the cost of getting the GLUTOWN Project this far but we don’t have the finance to keep it going long term without help.

For this reason we have added advertising within the App. The adverts are for products & services which we hope will be of interests to you. We get paid every time you read one. So, if you see an advert that is of genuine interest please check it out. The advertiser will be happy, you may find what you read interesting and the GLUTOWN Project gets some funding. A ‘win’, ‘win’, ‘win’ situation.