6 Things You Need To Know About Gluten Free App GluTown.

6 Things You Should Know Before using the GluTown App....

March, 2012

1.  Donations from private individuals funded the app so you can use it for free.  If successful, donations will pay for an Android version and help even more people.

2.  Unpaid volunteer coeliacs with day jobs spend evenings and weekends verifying GF restaurants.  So far around 35% of 41,000 restaurants on our list have been indexed.
3.  Eateries that offer GF food of ANY description is indexed.  For example KFC (KFC Food ingredients).  Each user is responsible for their own needs and taste.  Please check our terms of use.  Email suggestions@cybernexus.co.uk if you have any concerns about a restaurant in our list.

4.  Every time GluTown app is downloaded it's good news for us all.   GluTown is about helping visitors to your area as well as yourself.  We're putting systems in place so each GluTown user can, if they wish, verify and add restaurants close to home easily.  More users means more verified locations. 

5.  Free is not an excuse for us to develop a bad product.  We will improve the app frequently.  Listing ‘fast food’ chains under a separate tab so that privately run restaurants are more visible is one such improvement.  It will take time.  You will need to be patient

6.  The Facebook Fan Page is not the app support forum.  If you have problems with the app or suggestions for improvements, the best way to get action is to email suggestions@cybernexus.co.uk

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and what we hope to achieve.   Consider promoting GluTown app where ever you can.  Add a link to your website, tweet about us and tell friends.

You can now download the app  

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