5 Gluten Free Casein Free School Lunch Ideas Episode 24

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www.autism.com polls thousands of families on their web site to see what treatment or medicine works best for their family. Over 50% of the families polled said that the Gluten Free Casein Free diet provided significant improvement. If you know someone who has a child on the Autistic spectrum, ADD, ADHD, Allergies, Asthma or Candida you should forward this helpful show to them

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  1. Deborah Hart

    You are amazing. I admire you.?

  2. FieldHockeyGirl1000

    i recommend gogosqueeze applesauce it is dairy free wheat free and nut free it comes in loads of flavors. you can find it at walmart. it is squeezable applesauce:)?

  3. Sophie Bulmer

    Thanks for some ideas! Do you have a blog? by any chance?

  4. pjswifey

    I have 8 y.o. twin boys, both on the Spectrum and I have been terrified of starting this diet? because I didn’t feel like I could do it 100%. That and I thought it would be ridiculously expensive. Thanks for your videos. I am seriously considering starting when the kids are out of school for Winter Break for 2 weeks and seeing how we do! Thanks again!

  5. Tayler Langille

    S IT!!!!!?

  6. Tayler Langille

    Ok try doing what I have to do for a day? fruit veggies and meat THATA

  7. missbott89

    What an amazing mother!!! I hope to be as fantastic? as you one day 🙂 🙂

  8. ChainOriginal

    ur such? a cool mom.! my mom used to do this kind of stuff just to stay healthy and she would also leave little notes in our bags.. it was a nice suprise 🙂 i love ur ideas.! <3

  9. jacobsmomma1000

    Thank you! I was thinking about trying this for my son, we aren’t sure if he has a developmental delay or autism spectrum disorder. He has thrived with ABA therapy. I was wondering what we could feed? him for lunch and this helped me so much feel better at ease with this diet that seems so hard. 🙂

  10. tracytalks2u

    Besides gluten, dairy is the 2nd most used diet change with great results for people on the autistic spectrum. The key is to go 100% which is easy with almond milk and soy cheeses. Though some kids have an allergy to soy. It? is a process for sure so good luck. My fav. gluten free bread is now Udi’s which also has bagels!

  11. melanielee86

    You are an absolutely amazing mother ? Thank you for posting this video. 🙂 I subscribed!

    I have a gluten free channel because my son who is on the spectrum reacts horribly to wheat. He’s? been gluten free for three years. But, we recently are trying casein free. Milk has been making him sick. (He is also on the spectrum, so I wonder if this diet will help him in that sense as well.)

  12. Grace Jackson

    You seem like? such an amazing mom! I’m a gluten free teenager and this was really helpful! Thanks!

  13. TaceaLanise

    I want to cry! I am so frustrated with my son’s diet and tummy issues! I know it could be worst and there are kids dying so I shouldn’t complain? but I really hope things get better for my son! I will try your lunch program when school starts, it just seems so expensive! Thank you for posting this video.

  14. jredmann

    Thank you. I have a 10 yr old daughter and with the diet and her texture? problems lunch was getting to be hard. She likes your lunches.

  15. longhornluxe

    hi tracy! i am in college but was looking for ideas for? gluten free/casein free lunches i could pack. thank you so much for this video, it was very helpful! you seem like a wonderful mom, god bless you and your family.

  16. tracytalks2u

    Also, for my other gluten free show youtube search: ? tracytalks2u gluten

  17. tracytalks2u

    Gluten free cookies help make the medicine go down “spoon full of sugar” Mary? Poppins talk 🙂

  18. tracytalks2u

    us too, we love Almond? Milk and make sure there is no HFCS in things always, though, when eating out this is almost impossible to know sadly.

  19. tracytalks2u

    Thanks so? much for your nice comments. I don’t remember the name for the Chick. Saus. as they don’t eat those anymore. You are right I need to add more of these videos as I have so much more to share, I will get on that – thanks! 🙂

  20. marieanderson1971

    Forgot to add she is Gluten,Casein,Soy Free..Limited apples also…We? also avoid HFCS and Artificial Food coloring…

  21. marieanderson1971

    We love Udi’s…I love your? ideas for the lunches and dinners…Any chance your going to add more soon? I was wondering what brand of chicken sausages you give your kiddos..I can’t see the name from my screen…My 4 year old is attending preschool this year so we are brown bagging it and I am using alot of your ideas:>) Thanks..

  22. tracytalks2u

    You can also talk to the manager at your local grocery store and request that they provide Gluten Free options. Udi’s is the? best gluten free bagles, bread, etc. around – Yum!

  23. Krysb107

    No you don’t. You can get nutrients from other sources.?

  24. jkalm4ofus

    Thank you thank you thank you. this diet has been a challenge only because i think we are all going thru? withdrawals…lol. i know we will get though and this helps a bunch

  25. jeje22871

    Im? so glad I found your video. I have two children with autism and the whole family is going to start on a gluten free/ casein free diet and this tremendously will help me on ideas for what to make for them and have enough hope that this won’t be impossible to do and that we can accomplish anything no matter how big or small. Thank you! Your an incredible mother and im sure your children are proud to have a wonderful mother like you! 🙂

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