60-second Celiac Disease Foundation Public Service Announcement

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CDF premieres national celiac disease awareness public service announcement to help shine light on the #1 disease you’ve never heard of. View it and share it with your friends.

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  1. thepixieful1

    the recipes on line are? great also pamela’s has the best brownie mix. Delight magazine is like Victoria of GF…..I am so happy after 5 decades of pain with every meal. mood, skin, hair is all better and also the gut. our whole family does it now, helps all. hash browns and eggs and bacon, steak and baked potato. red beans and rice, chili. GF pizza at home. I tried all sorts of things it was not the milk and veg diet I was thin but that was not it either. ENJOY.

  2. thepixieful1

    the? recipes on line are great.

  3. thepixieful1

    also could be a sluggish gut that does not work and my uncle had cancer he was a baker and did not know his trade would kill him sad doctors…..please tell patients that recipes on line and the new products are wonderful I had a life of pain with every meal, now we have delicious and enjoyable meals,? everything is better, skin, gut, hair, life itself, mood, etc.

  4. polinsUT

    While there is a linked genetic RISK between celiac disease, type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, I am not aware that removing? the trigger for celiac disease by adopting a gluten-free diet affects the other two conditions.

  5. sunshinehid1

    Excellent! Wow! Thanks for this wonderful video. I hope it gets picked up widely.?

  6. Drqueene

    Thank you so much for this. I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2002. I try to create awareness but most people don’t realize? the seriousness of this disease.

  7. rosarodriguezm

    Thank you, will share with most of? my friends and family!

  8. halrobbins

    Great! I was diagnosed in 1997. Finally, information the? public can understand. Great job!

  9. karen90638

    My dad had it, my niece and my son have? it!!

  10. Kookoooo1

    i have it diagnosed today :< i? die if i get no funds?

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