8 Signs You Are Gluten Intolerant

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http://TheSundanceFamily.com Very serious health issues can be caused by a gluten intolerance, and in this video I am talking about some clear signs that can…

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  1. Ilieknoodles

    What about premature grey at and acne? I have both of these wonder if this
    is why I also have chronic fatigue??

  2. kwantumspin

    anything i can replace with white salt which is healthier ??

  3. Chaiti Rector

    Just curious does anyone know if Jesus Christ and people of that era eat
    bread if so what kind was it? ?

  4. macbookpro57

    I just got tested for gluten and found out that my whole family is gluten
    intolerant, and it sucks because i’m about to go to college?

  5. MinakoMadison

    Some people have a rare gluten intolerance but the idea that for the
    average person it’s unhealthy is pretty laughable considering how many
    large populations of healthy people have lived off of food that contains

  6. Finch France

    Are you a doctor or health authority of some sort? If so, do you have any
    links to your studies or research? Also can you give links to your
    evidence that “All Asia doesn’t eat bread?” What about pai bao??

  7. Snikkelbek

    Wheat sucks. I’m convinced 80% of the people, if not more, feel better
    after cutting out gluten. ?

  8. PurpleOrchid254

    Gluten only became a problem when grains were modified. Our sub-indian
    ancestors not only ate grains as their staple diet but lived well into old
    age, fit and healthy. I’m sure other societies can claim the same? It’s
    only in the past few decades gluten-intolerance has become a problem.?

  9. Joyce Person

    THANK’S ?

  10. Danny D

    Where do you live, its beautiful :)?

  11. Lisa Perry

    The bread in jesus day was made of barley?

  12. superoriginalname

    lol this guy talks like arnold schwarzenegger ?

  13. Rolando Perez

    What type of bread you referring too
    Sour dough

  14. Ms. Alex

    I hear you Ka! I just am starting to get back into this GF way of eating
    again. The problem was I became frustrated with not having enough
    information as to what to eat (recipies) I ended up eating the same thing
    over and over (rice pasta and red potatoes) ended up becoming anemic and
    just giving up. So now with A LOT more tools under my belt I feel much more
    confident in starting this clean way of eating over again.?

  15. Heather Wade

    I went on holiday and I ate noodles every day with a beer. My ankle became
    swollen and one was so painful I could hardly walk.
    Another holiday I drank beer everyday and my fingers swelled up.


  16. Mike l

    Sincere speech?

  17. Nnamdi Anyaibe

    101% avoidance is the answer, including all so called gluten free foods. Do
    you know that gluten free foods contain 19 or less ppm gluten by FDA

  18. Thin Lizzy

    what about yeast??

  19. adamseeb1

    alles klar??

  20. LilGin

    thanks you for the info.!!?

  21. Barend Coetzer

    We own our own whole wheat and whole rye bakery (both of which contain
    gluten) and we have found through our own experiences and those of our
    clients, that a number of the symptoms listed in this video are not
    necessarily related to gluten, but the process in which bread / pasta is
    mass produced today. I agree that no one should feel these symptoms after
    eating for example bread, but have you asked yourself whether they may be
    caused by colorants, bleaches, emulsifiers, substances known as “yoga mat”
    for example to make the bread more stretchy? I know that people don’t know
    what they’re putting into their bodies, and unfortunately a lot of the
    blame is falling to gluten. Mass production means bread can’t rise for
    long, resulting in “raw” gluten and then difficulty digesting. I know there
    are people with gluten allergies / sensitivities but especially the
    bloatedness / heartburn we’ve found disapears in almost all cases where
    people start to eat our breads (sourdough, wholewheat and dough rested for
    24 hours)?

  22. Khrys Johnson

    The China Study. Read it.?

  23. Kat Wolf

    Thank you for this video my friend – I am on a quest with all my heart and
    with all the passion my being will allow – once again thank you – this has
    been helpful.
    A wonderful message I one I share – listen to your body. ?

  24. Teresa Gomez

    Exelent!!!! thank you?

  25. mark douglas

    Are you friends with the terminator??

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