Anatomy of celiac trunk

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Objectives: After completion of this video it is expected that you will be able to understand: • Branches of the celiac artery, their relations and peritoneal folds that contain them. • General topography of upper abdominal viscera: liver, stomach, gallbladder, spleen, left kidney, pancreas, and duodenum. • Structures located in the free border of the lesser omentum and their relations. • Blood supply of the stomach, pancreas, and duodenum. • Boundaries and contents of Calot’s triangle. • Tortuous course of the splenic artery and its relation to the splenic vein. • Structures located in the lienorenal ligament. • Relation of the gastroduodenal artery to the first part of the duodenum and its vulnerability in perforated duodenal ulcer. • The esophageal branch of the left gastric artery and the importance of the accompanying veins in providing a site for portal caval anastomosis predisposing to esophageal varices in portal hypertension. • Location, formation and distribution of the branches of the celiac plexus of nerves. • Celiac angiogram. Presented and edited by Dr.Akram Jaffar (PhD). This video and its channel are supported by “Human Anatomy Education” page on Facebook

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  1. Priscilia2893

    thank you Dr.Akram..i m in 1st year and always found d coeliac trunk so confusing..d way? u have drawn alongwith explaining is much appreciated.. 🙂

  2. asa301

    Thank you very much. ?

  3. akramjfr

    Thank you Ahmad. Wish to hear suggestions about? future video topics.

  4. AhmedGBL

    thank you doctor akram ,, great explanation

    relay? its an honor to be thought by you

    ahmad thaer

  5. PikkuUikku

    Thank? you very much. Love to learn in this way 🙂

  6. akramjfr

    Thank you Reham, I appreciate your? comments and hope that such videos can provide a digest within the rapid pace of life.

  7. RehamArnaout

    Thank you Dr.Akram…i like the drawing and the labels, and this topic really needs such a way of explanation, it makes it easy to understand and remember the relations,? i really like such videos and find them very helpful

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