Bacon Maple Glazed Apple Fritters – Gluten Free Recipe

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For more gluten free recipes visit the EZ Gluten Free blog My recipe was inspired by The Nickel Diner in LA, which I saw featured on Unique Eats. They make an incredible looking Maple Glazed Brioche Donut topped with Crispy Applewood Bacon.

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  1. EZGlutenFree

    Awesome. I hope you like them. ?

  2. KissMeImxContagious

    im going? to try this recipe ill let you know how it turns out xx

  3. EZGlutenFree

    Thanks? for the tips on fixing my links.

  4. EZGlutenFree

    Sorry that there isn’t a live link to my blog in the description box like I promised. I? just don’t know how to do it yet. If anyone wan’ts to comment with a tutorial on how to insert a live link, I’m all ears. Thanks.

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