Baking After Midnight: Cut-Out Sugar Cookies With Rice Flour

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Dedicated to all of my gluten-free subs. Classic cut-out sugar cookies, made with rice flour. Music: Django Reinhardt’s “Hangin’ Around Boudon,” 1937 and “You Took Advantage Of Me,” 1939.

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  1. bluenazz

    Coda has fantastic ears and the black kitten has gorgeous eyes Jenn! The? cookie look nice too although I no nothing about gluten.

  2. jenzeppelin

    I got it at either Food Basics or GT, so, yep, it’s easy? to find. It’s cheaper in the long run at the Bulk Barn though, that’s usually how I get all my baking stuff.

  3. paperweightgirl

    Rice flour? Do you get that in a regular grocery store. ?

  4. thizizliz

    Wow – great recipe – they are beautiful. I want to make them, but can’t stay up til midnight to start baking! ? ;-(

  5. 727JeffN

    They look MMMMMMM!

    Love that song too!?

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