Baking with Coconut Flour: Chocolate Cake made with Coconut Flour Recipe

Posted on Learn how to bake with coconut flour and make a moist, fluffy, chocolaty, and perfectly foolproof gluten free chocolate cake with coconut flour in this recipe video demo! Coconut flour is ground up coconut pulp with most of the oil removed. It is high in fiber and protein, and it works great in gluten free recipes! Many people today are finding out about coconut flour and looking for ways to bake with coconut flour and develop coconut flour recipes. We have hundreds of coconut flour recipes at This gluten-free chocolate cake coconut flour recipe is one of our most popular recipes, and it has been tested to work many many times by hundreds if not thousands of people. This basic coconut flour recipe can be used and adapted for many great tasting cake recipes that need to be gluten free. Our coconut flour recipe video demos, such as this one, will teach you how to bake with coconut flour in your recipes. Check out our Youtube channel for more coconut flour recipes, and learn the joy of gluten free baking by baking with coconut flour!

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  1. TropicalTraditions

    You could try using Maple? Syrup or Raw Honey as an alternative sweetener. Our recipes are kitchen-tested as is, so we can’t guarantee the same results, but you could experiment! Thanks!

  2. nadima007

    I love your video. It is so simple and? straight forward. You guys are doing an awesome work. Could I use Maple syrup instead of Sugar. I dont use sugar:)
    Thank you

  3. heluvsmenu

    Thanks, I made this for my birthday today and it turned out great!!!?

  4. TropicalTraditions

    350 degrees F – you can print off the recipe from our blog at? the link above. Thanks!

  5. heluvsmenu

    What temp do you? bake it at?

  6. spicylilmama

    I found using Chia seed works in place of egg? in lots of recipes. Thanks!

  7. spicylilmama

    Thank? you very much!

  8. TropicalTraditions

    Thanks for watching our videos! No, you cannot make a recipe using Coconut Flour without eggs or a similiar binder or it will fall apart. You might want to do? a search to find a substitute, but you’d have to “experiment.”

  9. spicylilmama

    Do you have a? similar recipe that is egg free?

  10. TropicalTraditions

    Thank you for your comment! Follow us on Twitter or? “Like” Tropical Traditions on? Facebook and receive updates here for special deals, breaking news, FREE giveaways, FREE coupons and daily healthy recipes.

  11. blognewb

    Wow, i love your company. Gluten free, grass fed, diet? based on modern research. this is just quite right for me.

  12. 2Patricia1

    This? looks Delish!

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