Biopsies and Testing for Celiac

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Dr Vikki Petersen answering a question about if biopsy is a sure test for testing someone for celiac and or gluten sensitivity.

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  1. healthnowmedical

    @gg0457: the symptoms you relate are not mild. Obviously your body is trying to tell you something. Whether it’s gluten only or perhaps sugar or yeast, you really do need a proper diagnosis.

    If you’d like assistance please call me at 408-733-0400 and we can set up a free health analysis.

    You certainly deserve to enjoy better health than you currently are.

    Dr? Vikki

  2. gg0457

    Hello! Just wondering: what’s your opinion? I am an 18 year old female and i’ve always seemed to have a problem with gluten (ESPECIALLY things like cake, breads, pancakes ect ect) I? went to the doctor and she said just avoid eating it…unfortunately i feel like this is easier said than done considering its not 100% sure i’m allergic. I get bloated (i gain a lot of weight), vomit in the morning after a day of eating wheat, go pale, constipated, itchy eyes & burping. Whats your opinion? 🙂 thanks

  3. healthnowmedical

    @mwk323 – It is possible that you have celiac? or gluten sensitivity but, whatever the culprit, the important thing is that we figure out WHY you are nauseated and depressed.

    There is always a root cause underlying such symptoms and I’d be happy to assist you. Since you are a minor, it would be best, if you’re interested, to set up a free health analysis that we could do over the phone with you and your parent. Call 408-733-0400.

    We’d be happy to help you!

    Dr Vikki

  4. mwk323

    Hi, I’m a 15yr old male, and i get very nauseous after eating ANYTHING other than vegtables. I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. I have also had severe eczema since I was young. I? am Lactose Intolerant, and very tired frequently. Do you think that I could have Celiac? I ate Gluten free and did not get sick afterwards. I don’t know of any family members that have the disease except for an aunt the has Psoriasis.

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