Boy with Autism Recovers After Gluten-free Casein-free Diet – Fox News Video Gluten Free Works.flv

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  1. smick714

    If you ever grew a garden then you would understand the need for fertilizer and? pesticides.

  2. bell191991

    how exactly do? microwaves change the foods molecular structure?

  3. JD12ish

    I don’t get fox news. One day they are all horny for oil and deregulation, hate government agencies that are supposed to? protect people and then the next day, as if by magic, they want to establish a link between autism and vaccination and are calling for organic food and avoidance of pesticides. Talk about WTF.

  4. Vgirlification

    throw you microwave out, doctor please! microwaves actually CHANGE foods molecular structure. It goes into the microwave as food, and comes out of it, completely changed into something that damages all of your bodies cells, contributing to cell death , ie. brain cells. Common knowledge in the sector that has studied this, and many many countries have banned microwaves YEARS ago. oh not good? ol america, they want us to be sick and dying of diseases so that the health care ‘industry’ can flourish.

  5. intuitivegarden

    Amazing to see this! I have such a hard time understanding and accepting that pesticides and chemicals need to be used to produce and grow our foods, it so sad to me that we actually have to pay more for food that is toxin free.? I am so thankful for Drs like these that are willing to step out of the box and look at “the cause” instead of looking at treating the symptoms for a lifetime!

  6. Geneva Zlovestny

    why do autistic kids dont control themselves?

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