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This report is another terrible interpretation of the gluten free diet. For more real information about gluten and the TRUE gluten free diet, visit

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  1. bcupcake

    ooops! my comments are backwards,? sorry!

  2. bcupcake

    …something to support that fact is, I am still overweight, I am still gluten-free, I haven’t lost any more kilos. Well I am starting to but that’s because I am? going to the gym 3hrs a day… which by the way, would have been IMPOSSIBLE if I were still eating gluten. I have so much energy now!

  3. bcupcake

    Not everyone loses weight. Actually, some very slim people (due to malnutrition) gain weight after following a gluten-free lifestyle (cause their guts start to absorb more nutrients). In my case, I lost? 5 kilos in a few weeks just by not eating gluten (I would still eat a lot, just not gluten) but I think that those 5 kilos were not all fat. Gluten causes inflammation, water retention, edemas, etc so it could have been partly due to that.

  4. tylerthereporter

    then why do people with? ciliack loose weight?

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