Celiac Disease and Skin Problems

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Skin problems can be related to undiagnosed celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. The skin is the “mirror” to the health of the digestive tract. Find out more…

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  1. 69utub

    okay, i got it. guess mine is really a DH. thanks a lot for your reply dr.
    i just started my diet for like two months, i heard that it takes quite a long period, but theres improvement since ive? done this

    but i dont think i can afford to call, i dont live in US. anyway thanks, once again.

  2. healthnowmedical

    Psoriasis has a silvery, scaly appearance and DH is more red, itchy bumps. They typically look quite different.

    What’s important however is that the root cause of the issue is addressed such that you stop manifesting any kind of skin condition..

    If you are gluten-free but still having issues, there is likely a need for the secondary effects of gluten to be addressed.

    Please let me know if you’d like a free health analysis – we’re here to? help! Call 408-733-0400.

    Dr Vikki

  3. 69utub

    hi dr, i heard that you mention psoriasis as well, is that true?
    because i was really confused if im having a DH or im having a psoriasis, i mean if its true well it doesnt really matter and i’ll keep continuing my gluten? free diet anyway, and do what i have done so far as i considered myself having a DH. thanks

  4. yanayana94

    thank you so much for your sincere response i think the same too; my natural killer 3 are low actually i don’t know i think my immune system is not good.And? what do you think about the link between heavy metals and celiac disease?I have citysis interstial i love your videos vikki hello of Paris welcome in france <3

  5. healthnowmedical

    @yanayan94: Theoretically if one could truly heal the small intestine and restore the immune system to completely ideal functioning, it would be possible to reverse celiac disease by ‘turning off’ the genes causing it.
    Thus far I haven’t seen it occur, although, personally I am trying to see if I can.
    By the way,? I ran the theory by Dr Alessio Fasano last October at a conference and he agreed. As a world renown researcher, I respect his opinion.

    Hope that helps.

    Dr Vikki

  6. yanayana94

    hi sweetie?Do you think that celiac disease is reversible? one day to entire healing?

  7. thebrettoners

    I am 11 years old and I have celiac disease but I don’t get skin problems. I have had celiac disease all my life but only found out when I was about 4/5. Before then I felt sick all the time and I couldn’t walk far because my legs went really weak.It still happens now if I eat something that has wheat in. I have to have blood tests every year, and even though I am absolutely terrified of? needles I have to just get on with it.The blood tests are to make sure I am not eating anything I shouldn’t.X

  8. healthnowmedical

    @21madmethod – Spelt bread is a gluten-containing product. Likely the reason your skin is still suffering is because you continue to eat gluten – granted unknowingly. Feel free to visit my website at healthnowmedical and you will see all the foods to avoid. Ensure you are clear on where gluten can hide and then see if a true gluten-free diet helps.
    Let me know how you do. Secondary effects can also be in play, but the first step? is to go truly gluten-free.
    Dr Petersen

  9. 21madmethod

    I have been off Gluten for a while, well I still eat Spelt bread, which contains a very small amount of Gluten. And even that’s? not everyday…But I still have chronic skin problems( extremely itchy scaly and dry skin) that flare up and subside for a brief period. Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar helps a lot but not entirely. Any help?

  10. Marenandbarry

    Why does she look so happy while speaking?!?! Nope nothing happy bout? it!

  11. FrugalandLazyCook

    Great information!? Thank You for posting this!

  12. healthnowmedical

    @blondecrazygaijin – I’m so glad this has been helpful for you. And soon? you’ll be local – SF is very close to us!
    Dr Vikki

  13. blondecrazygaijin

    Oh thank u so much, that’s great. I lost my research position, unfortunately, so now I have no money for a great many? things I need. But when I’m rehired (probably in SF but not in research) I’ll be there FOR SURE..! You have helped me so much. My symptoms are exactly the ones that lend themselves to your therapy. I posted links to your channel in a number of threads in my (large) user group. ^_^

  14. healthnowmedical

    – I’m sorry I didn’t see your response earlier.? I was just answering one that I was alerted to and noticed yours. I’m glad that you’re feeling so much better.
    I don’t know of a good DC in Monterey personally. I hope you have found one by now. I not let me know and I can ask around further.
    If you need any help getting the rest of the 20% healing done, please let me know. Patients come to us from across the country, so Monterey sounds pretty close! I would be happy to help.

  15. healthnowmedical

    – I’m sorry I didn’t see your response earlier. I was just answering one that I was alerted to and noticed yours. I’m glad that you’re feeling so much better.

    I don’t know of a good DC in Monterey personally. I hope you have found one by now. I not let me know and I can ask around further.
    If you need any help getting the rest of the 20% healing done, please let me know. Patients? come to us from across the country, so Monterey sounds pretty close! I would be happy to help.

  16. healthnowmedical

    Dear tosca990,
    I am so glad that you discovered your gluten intolerance – the nervous system is very commonly affected, although that is unknown to most doctors. The vitiligo that you and your daughter have could very well be related as well. Let me know if you need any assistance. The secondary effects of gluten typically need to be addressed to? ensure fa ull health resolution so I would be happy to assist.
    Dr Vikki

  17. tosca990

    Hi Dr Vicky,
    I am 50 yrs old and just discovered I am gluten sensitive due to my? nervous system being in crises. I believe that my vitalago is linked. My child also has vitalago and I am going to have him tested for gluten asap.

  18. blondecrazygaijin

    My dad is a neurosurgeon and I did research at UCSF, primarily using cell? culture and bioinformatics. For years I was told this type of medicine was quackerly. Meanwhile, ALL docs I saw for my inexplicable itching, asthma & inflammation could not help me AT ALL. Finally I found out about gluten, cleansing, etc and my problems have diminished ~ 80%. Your clips are GREAT!!! Can you make a chiro referral for the Monterey area? I have a badBack, though I’m athletic. 🙁 DON’T EVER GO AWAY..!!

  19. healthnowmedical

    Prebiotics that help make probiotics come from fruits and vegetables. Probiotics can be gotten somewhat from food but we often supplement with capsules of human strain organisms at a level of about 20? billion per capsule. You need a variety of organisms in large numbers to create an effect, in my experience.

  20. healthnowmedical

    Based on labs we often find that capsule probiotics are needed to make the change we want. Prebiotics from food is good but unfortunately the Americans diet often lacks them. Antibiotics do have? side effects but when weighing the presence of a nasty parasite against an antibiotic we sometimes feel obliged to opt for the antibiotic. Garlic and honey can be helpful but often insufficient to eradicate the organisms we find. These types of issues are lab test based, not symptom.

  21. healthnowmedical

    Hello lovemyselfforever, we are located in Sunnyvale, CA near San Jose. Please feel free to visit our website healthnowmedical. We are a destination clinic and see patients from across the country as well as internationally. We would be happy to see if we could help you. ? Best, Dr Vikki

  22. healthnowmedical

    Hello, My degrees are that I am a doctor of chiropractic and a certified clinical nutritionist. We practice Functional Medicine here at HealthNOW where we have an MD on staff in addition to clinical nutritionists, a naturopath, a physical therapist and doctor of chiropractic. We are a team working together. A course of study? you could pursue is naturopathy or chiropractic. They are two fields that have maintained their integrity to root cause healing. Good luck!

  23. lovemyselfforever86

    where is that, I want to go to? a nutritionist who actually knows more about holistic, natural ways

  24. laraaiam55

    if you want to clear your skin and keep it clear go to theaiam.com. thats? how i cleared my skin of eczema and acne, they are a skin clinic and help people all over the world. i love my skin after using there treatment protocol

  25. healthnowmedical

    Hello Damian,
    Despite being a molecular biology major in college and pre-med, I became a Doctor of Chiropractic and subsequently a Certified Clinical Nutritionist also, after experiencing an “epiphany” while working in a? hospital one summer. Suffice to say that my concept of healing and traditional medicine’s were “at odds” and I began to search for something that aligned with my purposes better. Functional Medicine best describes what we do here as a team at HealthNOW Medical Center.

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