Celiac Disease Dermatitis Herpetiformis and Toe Cramps UPDATED NO MORE GLUTEN FREE

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UPDATE Now it seems I do not have DH or Celiac though since GLuten challenge… I think I was misdiagnosed. I do think this is due to deficency… Toes Cramping from celiac disease. Information wanted about this and on celiac and dermatitis herpetiformis DH. Music is fro AudioSwap Ambient 1 artist: Ewan McArthur album: Singles genre: Dance & Electronic

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  1. mssobriety1

    I found it did help considerably with the cramps when i ingested it i also found it? help to put in the bath as tap water can be hard and full of minerals which can irritate sensitive skin. I had quite severe dh on my hands i found taking fenofexadine for a few weeks when it flared up really helped and believe me i tried everything even lidocane to numb my hands! potassium permangenate as a weak solution can dry out blisters which alleviates the itch. Good luck hun x

  2. vicky crust

    hi i am? having problem with dermatitis from my gluten allergy. are you saying you had dermatitis and it went away by taking sea salt?

  3. ParagonPerfumes

    You may be potassium deficient. Drink more orange? juice, eat bananas and consult an acupuncturist, homeopath or osteopath.

  4. thepixieful1

    good to know as I do? low sodium but a few gluten free salty potato chips, yeahhhhh.

  5. thepixieful1

    for those take a calcium pill. signed, glad? to be gluten free.

  6. mssobriety1

    I was told to increase the salt in my diet as by cutting out all gluten i cut out my sodium aswell i started taking sea salt once a day and it worked1 now itchy and pain free 🙂 hope? it works for you

  7. EarlandPatty

    UPDATE It was all? nutritional. I DID not need the gluten free diet. I was malnourished. With 499 mg magnesium oxide a day I no longer cramp up.

  8. EarlandPatty


  9. EarlandPatty

    I seem to do OK as long as I can avoid gluten. I do have a LOT of trouble with cross contamination problems. Also even when a product says it is gluten free it can have trace amounts. ?
    By grinding my own flours, and cooking most from scratch I do OK most of the time now.

  10. EarlandPatty

    Yes I had to cut out the iodine. Many of the products I? was using had Iodine.

  11. EarlandPatty

    Thank you!?

  12. corthew

    Avoiding gluten completely doesn’t? get rid of the cramps?

    I get them there, in the feet, sometimes the legs arms or ribcage.
    It takes unusual positions for upper body muscle cramps to start though.

  13. Lampheader

    haha, this would be funny except I believe i? have DH now…at the tender age of 17 too =/

    best of luck to you

  14. dotslady

    I have also heard about iodine being a problem with celiac and DH (I? have celiac and am allergic to whatever’s in the IV dye from a CT scan). I have a friend who has DH and she’s allergic to iodine.

    I would only add that in addition to potassium, to consider looking into magnesium. My DH (who’s not celiac, but his mom was) get cramps from exercise and sweating, and both potass and mag. help.

    I hope you give updates. Best wishes.

  15. EarlandPatty

    Joe it is painful God bless your mom, I know what she? goes through!

  16. EarlandPatty

    I eat a lot of bananas!? I wondered why I was craving them so much. TY!

  17. JoeFielding72

    Wow my friend. My mom gets them real bad. She has to walk the floor at night till her toes? pop back into joint. She said it hurts so bad some times she can’t stand it. If you hear of any ways to fix what you are looking for could you share the info with me. I would love to try and help my mom from hurting. Have a great night and I hope you are having a great weekend so far. God bless you and your family.

  18. GloVermont2

    Dana my wife always? tells me when I get muscle cramps that a potassium deficiency is to blame. She recommends eating bananas regularly to avoid cramps. It works for me. Good luck.

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