Celiac Disease/Hyperthyroidism Update

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  1. alandamandamama

    His test came back? negative!!

  2. dingalingbabysling

    I was just watching some of your earlier videos of pregnancy and you had alot of vomitting.I was diagnosed after pregnancy and my Dr thinks that why I was? so sick!

  3. mrsmommy81

    The doctor called me today & I asked him if that was one of the things he was already tested for & he said he didn’t think so & that if his episodes persists that he is going to? have him tested for it. There is nobody in either side of our family (that we know of) that has it, so I am thinking it might now be that, but who knows. You went your whole life without knowing so maybe someone in my family did too. I’m interested to know! Thanks Allison!

  4. allharr

    Lol, thanks!!? That’s good to know 🙂

  5. allharr

    Wow, interesting! It seems like so many people are being diagnosed now. I hope Augustine? doesn’t have it, but if he does at least it’s good you’re finding out early! 🙂

  6. allharr

    I? wonder too! Are you going to get him tested?

  7. allharr

    Thanks!? I would definetly ask for a blood test for your 15 month old too if you’re suspecting. It’s good to find out early. And yay for BC mommas!! 🙂

  8. allharr

    Definetly sounds like you should get tested, my? sister is getting tested too 🙂

  9. allharr

    Wow, ya, that’s exactly why I want to test 🙂 Need to? know for sure!

  10. mrsmommy81

    I? don’t believe they ever tested him. Alana was tested & was negative.

  11. thegoinggreenmama

    That’s great about the? gov. funding! Gluten free food is expensive.

  12. thegoinggreenmama

    Very interesting about? Bud Light!

  13. mommywhite2010

    Here’s a great it’d bit of info for my fellow Canadian! Bud Light is a rice beer not wheat so it is safe for gluten free drink! Lol My friend has a Gluten allergy and that’s what she drinks:)?

  14. LadyJennivieve

    I’m not denying that she put in a lot of hard work and correct eating, but even her Weight Watchers leader said that her rate of weight loss? was abnormal.

  15. holdendmb

    I’m pretty sure she dropped the weight so quickly because of all her hard work, exercising,? and eating right. 🙂

  16. LadyJennivieve

    The hyperthyroidism is probably? why you dropped that weight so quickly!

  17. alandamandamama

    My friend is having her son who just had a level100 score? getting the endoscopy test done… That is such a high score!

  18. alandamandamama

    Has? Vince got the blood test for Celiac?

  19. alandamandamama

    We just got blood tests yesterday for Augustine and waiting to get the results for Celiac… lots? of Autistic kids have Celiac too.

  20. GlitterMamma

    It’s really interesting you are just posting this. I haven’t been feeling well and finally went into the Dr a couple weeks ago. They took blood and found I have a lot of inflammation going on inside.They have taken more test to try to find the source and I’m still waiting on those results. But I’ve been researching what I can do about inflammation and most of the stuff I find comes back? to the digestive track and gluten. I’m going to talk to my Dr about his since it keeps coming up!

  21. catielove00

    It took me 10 years to realize that I was lactose intolerant. I wish I could go back and take all the embarrassment and stomach problems away. lol. (I wasn’t? LI as a child, it came on in middle school.) It’s good that you’re having Riley and Kayla tested now so things can get better for them! 🙂

  22. raisingbushs

    Good Luck at your Endo appt. I? have hyPOthyroidism and its not fun at times. I wish the US helped with gluten free groceries. What a great program.

  23. mrsmommy81

    I wonder if this is what could be wrong with Vince! This was very helpful. I’m so glad that you got a diagnosis so you guys both can? feel better:) You look extra pretty today:)

  24. iCrazyMisha

    We are going through the exact same thing with my 4 year old. She has a pediatrician appointment in April. We have her off gluten now and she doesn’t complain her? stomache hurts. Makes me wonder if my 15 month old daughter might have it as well. We live in BC also. I enjoy your videos they are very informative. Keep it up! 🙂

  25. raisingbushs

    I know that I gluten sensitivity and about once a year I have to cut it out completely for about 2 weeks and then I am able to tolerate it again for a while. I really need to go have a biopsy done because my sister does have celiac’s. I have the rash and more and more symptoms are popping up during this pregnancy. I was going to let? you know that my sisters doctors have told her that lactose intolerance and celiac’s go hand and hand a lot of times. She was misdiagnosed for years.

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