Celiac Parents & the Importance of Testing Their Children

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Dr Vikki Petersen answering a question about whether or not parents with celiac disease should get their children tested too even if they are showing no symptoms of having celiac.

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  1. Vikki Petersen

    The stool test looking for the presence of infections does not require consuming gluten to be accurate. It does have an aspect that will show if the person is? staying off gluten well or not so the recent accidental exposures may show up.
    Please let me know if you need any more help. I’m happy to assist. Call 408-733-0400.
    Dr Vikki

  2. someiota

    Does the stool test require a recent gluten exposure? My child (3 years old) has been off gluten for eight months. There has been two accidental exposures recently. I wouldn’t want to repeat it for the sake of a? test but it would be useful to know.

  3. AnimalBlackmatism

    She forgot? to mention that she’s in love with him!

  4. MsSparkleArkle

    EXcellent video – thanks for the info – wasn’t sure whether to test my 13 year old and 15 month old but I certainly will now. Not sure if? this has contributed to my oldest son’s ADHD

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