Christopher Walken’s Gluten Free Tips

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Christopher Walken’s doppleganger dropped by Gluten-Free Goddess to share his tips on gluten-free ingredients. For in depth gluten-free tips (not to mention, fabulous gluten-free recipes galore), visit Gluten-Free Goddess at

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  1. missdarque

    Yes it is. Their bags are marked as to which products are produced in a gluten free? facility.

  2. GFGoddess

    Actually, Bob’s Red Mill produces gluten-free products in a GF facility now. Look for the GF symbol on the bag. (If it does not have? the GF symbol, is it not produced in the GF mill.)

  3. eliizabetch

    bob’s red mill is not actually safe FYI, at? least not for celiacs…

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