Cooking with the Celiac Sisters: Gluten-free Pizza

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Okay this is obviously not a great video to get the recipe from, but we were just having some fun. Enjoy! Songs: Ultimate Subwoofer Test – unknown artist Flim – Aphex Twin Drukqs CD 2 – Aphex Twin Just in Love – Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

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  1. beckagon

    So step one is to dance??

  2. Karaokebuff21

    that looks? fun and delicious.,..,n btwl….u 2 are a couple of nut balls…lol. thanks for the laugh..keep cooking

  3. starsweet4

    oh ok, just wondering? 🙂 cuz i don’t see many indian celiacs

  4. Ijobuby1357

    Yeah, they are,. . . and I? am too (I’m the one that randomly shows up lol)!

  5. 1776Reborn

    no thanks?

  6. norlack89

    wow. made from scratch. u? crazyss XD

  7. starsweet4

    are? you two indian?

  8. vertstylus

    Credit to you two for making Celiac? look fun! 😀

  9. TheClovenHeart

    Crazy is awesome.?

  10. strass1983


  11. tealeh2

    You are so cute but? a little crazy…

  12. mroconnell

    Funnnn. ? I hope youtube is overrun with uninstructional cooking videos!

  13. magicgurl7

    awesome vid!!!
    m just starting the gluten free diet, but m having soo much trouble finding foods around? here!! so here i m lol tryin to learn to make some lmao 😀

  14. kinglouie777

    OMG!! You guys are too Cool!! What on earth are you doing? with Techmaster PEB from 1991? I used to rock out with that bass music back in the day. Just to let you know you guys made my day watching your cool/silly video!! I wish I could have wheat!! What does it do to your body if you take it? Big Smiles: Take care, Kinglouie

  15. AmbientGuitarSounds


    Check out my Aphex? Twin cover. 🙂

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