Copycat PF Chang’s Kung Pao Shrimp Recipe

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Learn how to cook shrimp like a professional with this Chinese food restaurant copycat recipe. In this video tutorial, Anne from shows you how to make a lighter and gluten free copycat version of the popular Kung Pao Shrimp recipe from PF Chang’s menu. Anne says, “The problem with restaurant food is that you never really know what’s in there. But, when you make a restaurant dish at home you’re in complete control of the ingredients. That means that you can add a few extra veggies that weren’t included in the original dish to increase the nutrition without adding a bunch of fat and calories.” Go to for the full instructions list and step-by-step instructions for this gluten free copycat restaurant recipe.

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  1. BeckaMorena

    This looks freaking delicious.? Thank you!

  2. MrTheodude

    Sheesh, I’m not saying it looks bad, just that it is not a PF Changs copycat, which is what it is supposed to? be, right?

  3. naomi chambers

    any other random crappy thing you? want to say about her cooking?

    Geeze, do people invite you to parties?

  4. MrTheodude

    One of the good things about PF Chang’s kung pao shrimp is that it is not really gooey. It also doesn’t have bell? pepper, so this looks nothing like PF Chang’s

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