Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar – False Gluten Free Advertising

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A short video created by myself to raise awareness about false and illegal gluten free marketing practiced by the Crust Gourmet Pizza Group in Australia. Meditate on some music and entertain yourselves watching this video. You can also find more details about this video at

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  1. maclunian

    Anyone with? what?

  2. Magi O

    Why have you chosen to single out one particular store? I have an intolerance to gluten and I eat at crust, they do their best to meet my needs but I also go into the situation understanding I am ordering from a pizza shop…ofcourse there will be gluten there? As does every single pizza shop?? Why have you singled out the one chain that actually do go out of their way to give people like us options? No one is stupid enough to think a pizza? shop is 100% gluten free it’s impossible..anyone with

  3. slimshady5546

    maybe dnt criticise a shop coz of one dodgy? pizza, dnt like it dnt eat pizza, looked at ur channel get a life seriously

  4. kellynolan82

    Maybe watch the video before? you criticise then??

  5. slimshady5546

    i havnt even? watched the video yet but u shuldnt diss crust pizza because of one mistake!! i work at crust and if some one orders a gluten free base we advise them that sum toppings may contain gluten so they choose to remove it, we also make our pizzas in the coolroom with fresh ingrediants, but honestly dnt diss we do advise ur just shit

  6. kellynolan82

    I’m sorry but I don’t completely understand how this is a lie. I have been to my local crust store and, with a number of trainee employees topping pizzas, cross-contamination was not only a possibility – it was a certainty! Examples of this included ‘bits’ of dough falling off the tip of the pan into topping trays then used to top the GF bases,? using the same gloves when handling different toppings (some of which contain gluten) and removing ham off a base, returning it to its tray.

  7. jasoncrd

    THIS IS A STRAIGHT OUT LIE!. I work at Crust Gourmet and we do not put anything “back into the topping tray”. You are stupid. Why would anyone put too much cheese on a pizza and then decide to take it? off and put it back into the cheese container!? The trays are re-filled with freshly ingredients.
    ps: if you have a serious allergy don’t eat the food you dickhead. make it yourself at home and stop complaining. it is not a gluten free pizza store, it merely offers the option.

  8. Olivia Scarlett

    I work at Crust.. Pretty sure someone would have called up by now complaining about a friend / relative dying or falling ill from the gluten in the ‘gluten free’ pizzas..
    +? i am sure the health inspectors would have gotten onto it right away.
    This video is a load of rubbish.

  9. lillostie1314

    err, i think you got it wrong, healthier choice means the heart tick approved offerings avaliable, never did he say anything about gluten free? being a healthier choice? seriously, get a life and get your facts right.

  10. kellynolan82

    A fave of mine is of an interview between Crust CEO, Costa Anastasiadis and QSR where he says that the ‘healthier choice’ range is demonstrated by their gluten free offering. Does he know ANYTHING about food at all (let alone gluten free food)? Gluten free foods are NOT necessarily healthy! They’re far? less healthy than many of their gluten-filled counterparts. I wonder whether Costa really takes his company or gluten free diets seriously if he refers to GF base as ‘healthy’??!!!

  11. kellynolan82

    Many individuals following a gluten free diet have coeliac disease and must avoid ALL forms? of gluten. Crust Pizza just doesn’t seem to be aware; at stores I’ve visited, staff have overloaded regular pizzas with cheese and then put the left-overs (that have touched the glutenny pizza base) back into the.topping tray which is used for all their pizzas.

  12. kellynolan82

    I perused the allergy information brochure several times before I even thought about making this video. I am not making a false accusation. In Australia, it is illegal to label a product as gluten free if it contains any residual gluten that can be picked up by the most sensitive testing method available.

    Of course? I wouldn’t eat a pizza that contains gluten. I have coeliac disease which is a very serious auto-immune condition where symptoms will be triggered by ANY gluten.

  13. lillostie1314

    This is pathetic, I know for a fact that all members at each and every crust store pays great attention when a gluten free pizza comes along the menu. Perhaps you should take a look at the allergy information brochure on the website before making false accusation. The base of the pizza is gluten free, but they have specifically made a brochure listing the ingredients that DO contain gluten.

    And just a word of advice, if? you can’t eat gluten, don’t eat a pizza that contains gluten then. Simple

  14. kellynolan82

    I have observed the same practices at many Crust stores. It’s obvious your staff just don’t seem to grasp the concept at all! I’ve seen bits of marinated meat ‘drip’ into other condiment pots, I’ve seen cheese ‘dumped’ onto a gluten-containing pizza base? and then removed and placed back into it’s bowl ready and contaminated for the next gluten free order! The rest of your so-called procedures basically become null-and-void at the end of the day if the end product is contaminated.

  15. kellynolan82

    Unless you use separate topping trays, tell me how you can guarantee a 100% gluten free pizza? It is extremely unlikely that the pizza will be gluten free. Have they been tested? How can I be assured that they’re safe? The disclaimer? on the menu makes their laziness very apparent!

  16. jamahlsoares

    we use toppings that have? gluten, ask for them off.
    we try our best to guarantee a 100% gluten free pizza.

  17. jamahlsoares

    what areas? and youre wrong.
    we use different pans for gluten free bases and for the regular bases.
    hands are wash before a shift and gloves are changed? after each pizza is made.
    gluten free pizzas are cut with a specific blade so not to comtaminate the pizza with gluten.
    any toppings containing gluten are listed in an allergy guide and garnishes containing gluten will be separated from pizzas.
    and im pretty sure brushing crumbs onto toppings is discusting…

  18. kellynolan82

    re point 2: all of the ingredients are inevitably contaminated with gluten-containing cereals so just asking for that ingredient to be taken off nowhere near suffices.
    re point 3: Unless they use entirely separate topping trays and follow procedures mentioned, the product is likely to be contaminated.
    Someone is making a pizza. They’ve got flour on their gloves. They reach into the? cheese bowl. That cheese (used for Gluten Free orders as well) is now contaminated.

  19. australia101100

    1. yes gluten is required on premises because a lot of pizzas do contain gluten, its not a? gluten free store.
    2. no not all pizza topping selections are gluten free, ask for that ingredient to be taken off?
    3. staff use different gloves, a different type of pizza tray and utensils to make gluten free pizzas.
    take it from someone who works there.

  20. kellynolan82

    so? must you?

  21. geeyaryar

    oh? wow you must be bored.

  22. kellynolan82

    I researched the practices of Crust Pizza quite thoroughly. Along with this, I had visited a few? stores in different areas and from my observations, staff took very little care in preparing customers’ gluten free orders. Examples include “brushing crumbs off the ‘tabletop'” and allowing them to fall onto the toppings which are used for gluten-containing and gluten free pizzas alike. They have also completely ignored the law, by placing GF stickers on these pizza boxes, when it is false.

  23. gwomit

    How much research did you do on the food preparation practices on the company before? you put this video together ?

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