Dal Vada – No Fry (Savory lentil waffle – Gluten free)

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  1. SuperVeggieDelight

    You? can try with sandwich toaster. I haven’t tried so can’t really say anything!

  2. trishul patel

    Hi Bhavana I am your big fan and I like all your recipe and dal vada is? so easy your recipe but I ask you can I use to sandwich toster

  3. cookwell67

    Bhavana..dont? waste your precious time answering these stupids…u time is too precious …keep up ur gud work!!

  4. SuperVeggieDelight

    It’s just your thought but I know that rest are too? smarter than me!

  5. SuperVeggieDelight

    I am already writing ingredients? so I guess it is easier to follow even with mute settings!

  6. NiftyGuru

    Can you introduce subtitles plz? Coz i prefer? watching your video on Mute. Hard to control my laughter when you speak Gujjish English. LoL

  7. ali baba

    does not she talks alot
    like? rest are stupid

  8. SuperVeggieDelight

    No, it is ok to soak overnight even…?

  9. supriya451

    Hello Bhavana, in this vedio u told to soak moong daal for? couple of hours.. If we soak moong daal for overnight..will it effect taste and texture of vada?

  10. SuperVeggieDelight

    Hello Virubhai!
    Thanx for making me sister…Singapore noodles are my favorite as well.? You can find recipe on my new website bhavnaskitchendotcom. Haven’t done video yet but will soon do video even if possible…Enjoy!

  11. Viral Trivedi

    Hello Bhavnaben,
    I made this for me and my friends last night and we enjoyed very very much. thank u, reminded me of my sist in india as she makes similar thats why i m gonna call u bhavnaben now onwards, thanks again and please add singapore noodles receipe as i? cant find that in vegan and checked ur channel too.. thanks

  12. SuperVeggieDelight

    You can follow same recipe? to make with moong dal and you can replace rice flour with corn starch, corn flour…

  13. Tarang Kaushal

    – If I use moong (assuming whole moong) daal, will soaking it overnight still be good enough to grind it with minimal water?
    – For making the waffles, can I? skip the rice flour? I don’t have it at home and I was wondering if I could substitute with something else or skip it all together.

  14. SuperVeggieDelight

    Yes, you can. Enjoy!?

  15. Foram Shah

    Hey Bhavna the recipe is really amazing
    but quick question can i use? Corn Flour as a Substitute to Besan flour?

  16. SuperVeggieDelight


  17. luvuangelmj

    hi Bhavna can we use mung dal instead? caz i like mung dalwada

  18. SuperVeggieDelight

    Will? sure try…

  19. golmasala

    is there any way you? can make all these videos little shorter. you give way too much explaination….every thing 2 times…

  20. SuperVeggieDelight

    I use same oil second time if it’s good and clean. After second use I discard in milk container or in the plastic bag and throw away. I do not use oil more than two times no mater how good oil is even after? two uses..

  21. SuperVeggieDelight

    Sweet vadas? I will think about it if? I know of…

  22. oKeegan

    do u know any? sweet vada stuff?

  23. techiedkb

    Nice recipe Bhavna! What do you do with the leftover oil? How do? you discard it?

  24. SuperVeggieDelight

    You most welcome…enjoy!?

  25. SuperVeggieDelight

    Will sure as I get chance…there are already? lot of recipes use very less oil or no oil…keep enjoyijng!

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