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  1. ErikTV365

    @ahmenina LOL


  2. ErikTV365

    @eprisewildcat 😉 … he is our momma’s boy


  3. ErikTV365

    @HoneymoonCampers indeed… garlic eek – We use turkey for almost anything


  4. ErikTV365

    @micahstubz They love whatever the hot wife puts in front of them or… they better act like it 😉


  5. ErikTV365

    @BlueEyedGirl1231 It was 😉


  6. ErikTV365

    @kaybees49 Right… I was nervous for him as I was seeing the footage from the day 🙂


  7. ErikTV365

    @Kippz214 She did awesome covering for me while I was stuck at work 😉


  8. ErikTV365

    @FamilyManDano LOL… that was low!


  9. ErikTV365

    @516poppop This is one of my favorites she makes from scratch


  10. ErikTV365



  11. ahmenina

    oooohhhhh so thats what a sloppy joe is! lol

  12. eprisewildcat

    3:05 ultimate puppy eyes! so cute!! and jzilla is so sweet helping his mom!

  13. HoneymoonCampers

    I use the galic in a jar too! Save from having smell fingers! Those look like some good sloppy joes! Great idea to use turkey too! Love that recipe, thanks Amy!

  14. micahstubz

    I’m impressed they didn’t spit the pepper out. Cute kids. We have a little girl that has bee “tee teeing” on the floor lately. We started making her clean it up.

  15. BlueEyedGirl1231

    Looks so delicious

  16. kaybees49

    Great job on the cooking video! And, kudos to J-Zilla for getting back to the skillet even after it “got” him a little bit.

  17. Kippz214

    The Hot Wife should make cooking videos more often, I’d really like to try the sloppy joes she showed us how to make.

  18. FamilyManDano

    2 n 3… well, that is better than Erik’s record against Jzilla… ZING!

  19. 516poppop

    Wow never knew it was that easy ima make me some now!!!

  20. TYBOZE

    I love some raw bell peppers! Especially with some ranch! There’s no such thing as too much pop Mom! Those sloppy joes look…. Awwwweeeessssoooooommmeee!!! Go Hot Wife!!

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